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It is still a great time to consider home loan options because rates are still near historic lows and the prices to buy residential real estate have fallen recently as well. When shopping online consider each lender quote carefully and compare home refinance loans by analyzing loan disclosures free competing lenders online. Affordable home refinancing is now more available than ever with home loan rates starting at 3.5% for thirty-year loan terms. Nationwide provides home loans for cash out or rate and term home refinance loans, FHA, purchase loans and debt consolidation. Please review this vast selection of loan products listed below. Our trusted lenders provide premium loan products by offering a plethora of home loan programs, like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, Non-Conforming, Subprime, Jumbo and Hard Money to name a few. Obama loan products were announced recently with the Home Affordable Refinance Program headlining the new mortgage refinancing products. This year FHA and conventional loan programs continue to support a vast majority of the mortgage business. Finance rates cannot stay at record levels for much longer, so discuss your home loan options with a professional before rates begin to rise.

Check FHA & Conforming Home Loan Limits for 2014 & 2015

HUD released good news that FHA loan limits for refinance loans have been raised significantly. FHA loan limits remain at $625,500 in high cost areas across the country. Our home loan lenders can help you with determine what the maximum loan limits are for your county and which FHA refinance option is best for your situation. Nationwide offers free rate quotes and qualified applicants will get a mortgage pre-approval with no obligation.

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Take advantage of our Free no hassle home loan quotes and compare rates from the leading government and conforming lenders online. An increasing number of home loan applications were completed online this year, but the credit crunch and tighter guidelines hindered many Americans from securing the best home loan rate. You will enjoy our automated home loan financing process and friendly advice from our experienced representatives who understand the Obama loan options with Affordable Home Refinance Programs for borrowers who no longer have the equity needed to qualify for a traditional home refinance loan.

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A few years back, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the new increased maximum conforming loan limits that were mandated by the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. The revised "conforming jumbo" mortgage limits for designated high cost counties in specific states were applicable through December 31, 2014. In 2014, the FHA limits seem to have settled in at $625,500 and will likely remain there in 2015 and 2016. A complete list of the counties with new conforming jumbo loan limits is now available. If you qualify for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae refinance alternatives will be extended with loan options enabling people to refinance regardless of how much negative equity they may have.

Popular Home Loan Programs for Home Buying and Refinancing

5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

No Income Mortgage
No Cost Mortgage Refinance

Fannie Mae quickly restructured the conforming loan limits and released additional detailed for borrower eligibility, underwriting, and rate pricing. Interest rates on home loans cannot remain this low for long, so get approved for a fixed rate mortgage that ensures long term security for you financially. Freddie Mac continues to iron out some of the details, but expects to phase in purchase loans along with the new conforming jumbo refinance loans.

If you need more information, select the home loan option below that interests you most. To learn & understand more about specific loan programs, please click the relevant link below that best describes the type of home loan you are seeking. 2014 home loan programs are subject to change, just like interest rates and lending requirements.

Conventional Fixed Mortgage Non Conforming Fixed Jumbo No Money Down-100%
15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
20 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
40 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
15 Year Fixed Rate Jumbo
30 Year Fixed Rate Jumbo
40 Year Fixed Rate Jumbo
80-20 Home Purchase
80-20 Mortgage Refinance
Zero Down Home Loan
103% Purchase Loan
Fixed Intro- Interest Only   Fixed Intro- Fully Amortized
3 Year Interest only ARM (3/1)
5 Year Interest only ARM (5/1)
7 Year Interest only ARM (7/1)
10 Year Interest only ARM (10/1)
Discuss your credit and income qualifications with one of our friendly loan officers to determine home loan eligibility. 3 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (3/1)
5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (5/1)
7 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (7/1)
10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (10/1)
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Jumbo, FHA, VA and Conventional Home Refinance Loan Rates

Conforming Loan Updates: Fannie Mae expanded eligibility for DU Refi Plus to include existing liens that were covered by indemnification agreements that were not needed to meet Fannie Mae's minimum credit enhancement requirements applicable to loans with LTV ratios greater than 80%.

Home loan approvals are subject to submitting an application to the BD Nationwide Mortgage Company. Lending stipulations for underwriting approvals will vary: verification of income, employment, assets and other information like obtaining an acceptable property. Not surprisingly, rates on house loan programs are subject to change, so please contact a loan officer for current rates that are applicable to your situation.

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At BD Nationwide we cannot legally guarantee the best home loan rates online, but we certainly strive to deliver the best home loan experience possible online. Take advantage of our unique home loan options for purchase or refinance transactions. With the Federal Reserve remaining committed to the lowest house loan rates in decades it would be hard to argue against refinancing or home buying.

Choose from our attractive conforming, VA and FHA home Loan programs. BD Nationwide offers no cost loan quotes and there is no further obligation. If you just want information on home loan guidelines, terms and current pricing on today's interest rate that is fine, because the advertising lenders on this site ensure a "no hassle" environment so you can make financial decisions without unnecessary pressure.

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