Apply for FHA Loan with No Application Fees

Apply for FHA Loan with No Application Fees

How to Get a FHA Loan with No Application Fees

If you are considering home buying or refinancing it makes sense to start with a FHA mortgage application because there is no cost to apply and no fees charged to pre-qualify for FHA home loans from HUD-approved lenders online. The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently eased requirements for government insured house financing.

Get a Pre-Approval Letter for Free from Trusted Lenders on FHA Loan Applications

Many realtors, banks and lenders have been reporting a surge in FHA loan applications for home buying across the nation. Many people renting want to become homeowners but they to assistance on how to complete a FHA home loan application online. BD Nationwide has over nearly 15 years of experience matching first time house buyers with competitive FHA lenders.

  • Compare Multiple Quotes with No Up-Front Fees or Closing Costs
  • Get Help on Finding Out Where to Complete a FHA Loan Application Online
  • Find the Easy path to complete an FHA Loan application & Get the Best Results

Whether you seek FHA lending because you have a low fico score or a limited ability to make a significant down-payment, we have experienced lenders to help you with an application for FHA mortgage programs. The fact is that buying a house can be a stressful time, so finding a lending partner that you can trust is important. That is why most realtors agree that it is critical to get a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter from a finance company that is respected and well-known for processing FHA loan applications online.

A recent NAR survey revealed that most sellers strongly consider offers that come from buyers that are pre-qualified by a lender with a “good reputation.” That’s why shopping for home buyers’ loans with BD Nationwide makes sense because of our strong alliance with competitive and experienced FHA lenders.

Top 3 Reasons to Submit a FHA Loan Application Online

1. Competitive Rates: The Federal Housing Administration has always made efforts to insure mortgages that feature low and affordable FHA interest rates. The FHA was founded upon the principles of “fair Lending” and HUD believes that competitive pricing is essential. Apply for a FHA loan online today and see if the proposed loan quotes put you in a better position financially.

2. Credit: To put it simply, FHA takes risks by keeping the minimum credit score at 500. This allows people with less than perfect credit to become a homeowner even if they don’t have fico scores the banks are looking for. See FHA loans for poor credit.

3. Low Fees and No Penalties: The FHA encourages mortgage companies to originate FHA home loans that have low fees and closing costs. They also prohibit lenders to charge pre-payment penalties. Submit a FHA loan application online today and you will appreciate the fair practices and cost-effective nature of government lending.

Here are the Basic Steps involved in Qualifying an FHA Loan Application:

— Establish that you have had two years of employment with steady or increasing income.
— Achieve a credit score of at least 500. Those with 580-620 may qualify for more benefits.
— Be sure you are buying a property for “primary residence” purposes; others do not count!

Before you complete a FHA loan application, it is important for you to know that you have met these requirements. Then you will be ready to meet with a mortgage advisor that is approved for HUD financing in your area. The professionals you work with will lead you through the process of signing up for insurance required by the FHA program, help you document income, and apply for a FHA loan from a government approved lending source.