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We will help you meet lenders that provide the best VA rates available online for 30-year refinancing, new home purchase loans and the streamline rate.

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Get help shopping for discount interest rates for veterans seeking home-buying or refinance loans to ensure lower monthly payments with interest rate deductions.

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Veteran homeowners, who already have existing mortgages, may qualify for the popular VA streamline program. This is a refinance loan that cut their interest rate quickly with very little costs involved. Take advantage of our guaranteed best VA rates that have been reduced for military and veteran borrowers.

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The VA program offers low mortgage rates and aggressive lending criteria like 100% refinancing and no money down purchasing. We have helped thousands of military applicants become homeowners with our low VA interest rates. Complete the form below and you will find out what the best VA mortgage rates currently online!

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See If You Qualify for Low 30-Year VA Mortgage Rates that Guarantee Fixed Monthly Payments for the Life of the Loan.

In some cases VA borrowers can lower their mortgage rate with no points and no fees being charged. Military home mortgages enable veterans to qualify for competitive interest rates even if they currently have low credit scores. The current VA mortgage rates are at record low levels, so recommend qualifying and locking in your home loan today to maximize the historic interest rates.

The VA mortgage is very unique in the lending industry because there is no down-payment required, no monthly mortgage insurance and today’s VA interest rates are competitive with any other type of loan.

Affordable VA Mortgage Refinancing Guaranteed for 30-Years

  • Refinance for Debt Consolidation
  • Cash out for Home Repairs
  • Refinancing for All Types of Credit
  • Combine 1st & 2nd Mortgage Rates
  • Past Bankruptcy OK- Low Credit OK

Current interest rates on VA home Loans have remained affordable for military housing.

  • Finance a Home with Zero Down & Build Equity
  • How A Military Veteran Can Buy A Home With No Down Payment

Do you need to lower your mortgage payment with a fixed rate and get access to cash out, but suffer from a bad credit scores?

It is very common for Veterans to run into financial obstacles after leaving the service. Most veterans pay their credit card bills, car loans and mortgage payments in a timely manner, but sometimes unexpected expenses arise and force the borrower to be late on some of their debts. Unfortunately, when your credit card and loan payments fall behind more than thirty days, your credit score begins to plummet.

In some cases, veterans were forced to refinance with a subprime loan that charged a higher adjustable interest rate and a significant pre-payment penalty. We can help veterans refinance out of their high rate ARM into a more affordable mortgage that guarantees a fixed rate for thirty years. Another benefit of work with our VA lenders is that we do not charge a pre-payment penalty for any type of VA home mortgage whether you are refinancing or buying a home for the first time.

VA Loan Rates, Streamline or Purchase with Fixed 15-Year Rates

Talk to a lender at no cost and ask for more details on the home loan with no credit check. If everything sounds good, then you can move forward and complete a formal loan application that will consider your credit profile.

What is a Certificate of Eligibility for VA Loans?

The Veterans Administration uses Form 26-1880 which is called a certificate of eligibility. This form determines the eligibility for participation in the VA mortgage loan program. Complete a VA Form 26-1880, Request for a Certificate of Eligibility: You can apply for a Certificate of Eligibility by submitting a completed VA Form 26-1880, Request For A Certificate of Eligibility For Home Loan Benefits, to the Winston-Salem Eligibility Center, along with proof of military service. In some cases it may be possible for VA to establish eligibility without your proof of service. However, to avoid any possible delays, it’s best to provide such evidence.

How does my VA lender get my Certificate of Eligibility?

Approved lenders can help you get your certificate of eligibility through the automated certificate of eligibility. Get quotes from VA mortgage lenders that provide competitive VA mortgages to our automated system. This web based system establishes eligibility while issuing a Certificate of Eligibility online. We recommend that if a veteran does not have their eligibility cert to request this from their VA lender about obtaining a certificate.

What Will The Fed Decision Do to 30-Year VA Mortgage Rates?

Chairman Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve System has implemented a half-point reduction in the rate established for banks to charge each other. However, its impact on fixed interest rates for VA home loans, veterans refinancing, and government home loans appears to be minimal. Although 100% home loans with no equity requirements for veterans will remain available, their interest rates might be higher compared to those with a down payment of 10 or 20 percent.

While the rate cut has instilled hope in the residential real estate market and bolstered consumer confidence, its influence on the credit crunch is limited. Credit card and new car loan interest rates may experience a slight decrease, but the cut’s significance is diminished, especially for longer-term financing like construction loans. The current VA rates indicate a favorable landscape for military borrowers in the home finance market in 2024.

The rate cut, the first since 2024, provides little relief for borrowers facing potential property loss. Although adjustable-rate mortgages may not increase as much as anticipated, the impact is insufficient to aid those in dire straits. Many borrowers may find themselves stuck with existing loans as lenders become more risk-averse. Subprime borrowers, unable to meet higher monthly payments or negotiate modified mortgage terms, may experience defaults and foreclosures.

While Federal Reserve System rate cuts don’t directly lower VA mortgage rates, they generally result in beneficial outcomes for veterans seeking to refinance or secure new VA mortgages. Lenders, anticipating rate cuts, often offer lower VA mortgage rates even before official announcements by the Federal Reserve System.

The specific rate a veteran can secure for a new or refinanced mortgage depends on factors such as whether it’s a purchase or refinance, as well as the number of points the borrower is willing to pay.  Article was written by Drusilla Grubb