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Zero Down home Loans also known as, "no money down loans" are offered to consumers with good and bad credit for 100% financing with conforming, USDA, VA and FHA purchase mortgages. First time home buyer loans with the $8,000 tax credit were only for a limited time. Whether you are trying to buy a home in Atlanta Georgia, or Laguna Beach, California, our site can help you meet the best no money down mortgage lenders offering people the opportunity to become a homeowner with zero down home loans for qualifying borrowers. There are even a few programs for home loans for bad credit and no money down. We will connect you with loan officers that understand today's guidelines on no money down loan programs so that you do not waste your time.

No Money Home Loans

Find No Down Payment Mortgage Loans with Great Rates

Our participating lenders practice fair lending with 100% financing for zero-down home loan types such as; conventional purchase loans, sub-prime, pick a payment loans, jumbo mortgages, negative amortization and interest only loans with 15, 30 and 40-year fixed or adjustable rate loans for all types of credit. If you are looking for a no down-payment home loan, we can help you shop and compare multiple programs that meet your goals and eligibility.

With house values reaching million-dollar levels, it is important that you secure low interest home loans with affordable monthly payments. Even if you are a first-time home buyer, make sure you get the best mortgage rate you could possibly qualify for. The days of zero down mortgage programs for everyone went away a few years ago, but they do exist for a select group of borrowers. Don't kid yourself, 100% loan qualifications can be challenging in today's market, so discuss the possibilities with a loan professional first. There are still several $0 down mortgage programs that extend home loans with no deposit.

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Learn How to Qualify for 100% Home Loans with No Money Down Daily!

USDA Rolls Out Zero Down Mortgage Programs for Home Buyers in Rural America: The Department the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been guaranteeing home loans for borrowers in rural regions of the country for several decades. Qualified applicants can get a competitive home loan with no money down, no down-payment and it's guaranteed by the USDA.

FHA for Low or No Down-Payment Home Loans: Now more than ever 1st time buyers are looking at FHA for home financing. In some states you can still get down-payment assistance that would enable a person to achieve a home loan with zero down-payment. Let's say that you lived in a state that allowed home buying grants, you could receive a gift from a relative to cover the 3.5% down-payment that turns your FHA loan into a zero-down mortgage. The FHA gift-rules are lenient which makes securing a no money down home loan easier than ever in 2020. Check with your loan officer for specific $0 down mortgage guidelines and requirements by state. When shopping lenders don't forget to ask about no lending cost home loans with no deposit and zero down payment requirements. Ask about the latest FHA credit score requirements.

Why Military Borrowers Embrace the VA Mortgage with 100% Financing:  By now most people are aware that the VA offers special home loans for people who serve or served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Whether you served in the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy or the Reserves, the VA guarantees zero-down mortgages for home buyers that meet the VA eligibility requirements. Learn more about VA loan requirements in 2020.

Are You Looking for a Mortgage with Zero Down and Multiple Low Payment Options? If you want more purchase power or lower payments, then talk to your loan officer about the payment option ARM or interest only 30-year mortgage that stretches the term to minimize the monthly payments. Many people in California found out the hard way when they were enticed with the low monthly payment from the payment option home purchase that allowed borrowers to defer the interest until the end of the year. These zero-down mortgage payment option loans offer borrowers a payment that is even lower than the interest only payment. The negative amortization option is only available until the mortgage balance reached a 115% or 125% of the original mortgage balance depending upon the lender. Please be advised that our affiliated lenders no longer offer zero down loans that have a negative amortization. To our knowledge no lenders in the country are providing 100% home loans on purchase transactions on $0 down mortgage programs with deferred interest products.

Why It's Difficult to get a No Money Down Home Loan with Poor Credit

The idea of buying your home with no money down is tempting. But it is harder to do today than it was years ago.

A no money down home loan is also known as 100% financing. These loans require no down payment to buy a home. For people who do not have a lot of savings, it can help to be able to not have a down payment when getting a mortgage.

But it is more difficult to get a zero down loan today for all buyers, especially those with poor credit. People who do not have good credit can still get a home loan, such as through the FHA, but you will still need to come up with a 3.5% down payment. Some programs by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac also may allow you to get a home with poor credit but you will still need to make a 3% down payment.

During the real estate boom of 12 years ago, 100% financing mortgages were quite easy to get even if you had bad credit. Buyers who had little cash, bad credit and unstable jobs still could get a home with little money down. It was also possible to get a loan with limited documentation where income and debt were not disclosed.

These days, it is much harder for people with bad credit and most other people to get a 100% financing loan. Here is why:

Lending Standards Are Tougher

During the financial crash, many borrowers with bad credit who had put no money down found they were underwater as their home values dropped. They owed more on the homes than they were worth. They were unable to sell the home because it would not pay off the mortgage. As the economy tanked, people lost their jobs and could not keep up with the payments.

After this financial disaster, the federal government stepped in. It made it harder for people to qualify for home loans by passing the Dodd Frank Act. Today, lenders need to fully document the borrower's income and show they have done their due diligence to make sure the borrower can pay the loan.

100% Financing Programs Went Away for People with Low Credit Scores

After such a major financial catastrophe, it became clear to the US government that 100% financing loans are usually too risky. People who do not have a down payment and have average or bad credit have little stake in the home. When things start to turn south financially, many people walk away from the home. This happened to millions of Americans during the crash and it helped to tank the US economy.

There are a few options now. Today, there are two major 100% financing home loan programs available that are backed by the US government. Some people with average to poor credit may be able to qualify.

The first is the USDA home loan program. If you are buying a home in a rural area, you may be able to get a 100% financing home loan. You will need to have a 620 or 640 credit score, and you have to show that you can afford the loan with your financial documents. There are income limits on this program; you may not qualify if your income is too high.

The other option is the VA home loan program. This is a 100% financing program that is available to veterans and active military. You can have bad credit and still get approved for this program.

Lenders Boosted Minimum Credit Scores to Get a Home Loan

Mortgage lenders took a serious beating during the financial downturn. During the real estate boom, almost anyone with a pulse could get a home loan. After the crash, it became very difficult for anyone with less than a 700-credit score to get a home loan.

Things are easier today; you can qualify for an FHA loan with a 580-credit score and some Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs with a 620-credit score. But you can plan on tougher underwriting to get approved. You need to have a higher credit score in the 680s are so for underwriting to be less rigorous.

Lenders have learned that people with poor credit are much higher risk. You can get a loan with a low credit score, but you will either pay a higher interest rate, higher mortgage insurance, or both.

The bottom line is there are a few 100% financing home loan options out there for people with average or poor credit. But most people will need to come up with at least a 3% down payment plus closing costs to buy a home today. It is better to have some skin in the game anyway; having a down payment means your mortgage is smaller. Plus, experience shows that getting into a mortgage with no cash in the bank is risky for all parties.

Affordable Home Financing

If you have low fico scores, a no money loan for bad credit may be the most viable option for you. It is in your best interest to do some research on house loans for bad credit before signing any legal documents. FHA mortgages with a small down-payment remain competitive so discuss your eligibility with one of our lending representatives.

$0 Down Home Loans with No Money or Down-Payment Required

  • First Time Homebuyer Loans with Zero Down (USDA and VA)
  • 100% Home Financing from the Veterans Admin
  • 0 Down Home Loan with Fixed Monthly Payment
  • FHA Allows Gift Funds for $0 Down Mortgage Opportunities
  • Stated Income Purchase Loans (On Hold)
  • Fixed Rate Loans for 30-Years with $0 Money Down
  • Conventional or Jumbo Mortgage
  • Zero-Down Mortgage Backed by the USDA
  • 15 or 30-Year Zero Down Loan Terms
  • No Money Down Loans for Military Vets
  • Find Home Loans for Bad Credit and No Money Down
  • Buy a Home with 100% Financing!
What is better for 100% financing? Two loans with 80-20 combo mortgages or One 1st mortgage?
The 1st home loan typically carries a higher interest rate than the 80% loan in an 80-20 purchase loan. However, the second mortgage rate is typically a few percentage points higher than the rate of the 1 loan. If you are blessed with good timing and qualify for a fixed rate loan below 5%, then we recommend a no money down loan or the 80-20% with no prepayment penalty on the second mortgage. After a few months of making your mortgage payment you may be able to refinance the 2nd mortgage and lower the payment so no pre-payment penalty can be a key factor for flexible financing. (Please be aware that 80-20 mortgage program is on hold.)
How to Get a Home loan with No Money and Zero Down-Payment

Becoming a homeowner can be a wonderful thing in the United States.  When you feel you are ready emotionally and financially to buy a home you need to do your due diligence and uncover the best opportunities for affordable housing.

  1. Compare options for a house loan with no down-payment
  2. Shop interest rates for 0 down home loans
  3. Get a pre-approval from lenders that offer no money down mortgages

BD Nationwide recommends VA home loans and FHA mortgages because of the security in a government fixed rate mortgage

Are you a first-time homebuyer looking to get approved for a low rate home purchase loan? Are you looking for a home loan that requires No Money Down for a home purchase? Are you looking to finance a second house or investment property? Would you like a purchase mortgage that allows you to keep all your hard earned in saving in your bank account without needing to deposit it on a home? Getting approved for a home loan with no money down will be more difficult on second properties. Both VA and FHA have earned a strong reputation for helping home buyers with challenged credit get financing. The VA programs offer home loans for bad credit and no money down when the applicant has demonstrated the ability to become a lower risk borrower because if increased income and steady employment.

If you answered, "yes" to any of the questions above, then you are a great candidate for a Zero Down Home Loan from National Lenders.

We'll help you shop experienced zero-down mortgage lenders that offer several different home loans with no down payment requirements:

100% Purchase Mortgage -
This home purchase loan offers a simple financing solution with one mortgage and one payment.

Select from 10, 15, 30 & 40-year fixed rate on a mortgage with no down payment or an ARM with an introductory fixed interest rate for 1,3,5,7 or 10 years.

80-20 Home Purchase Loan -
This 1st-2nd combo is our most popular zero down home loan. 80% first mortgage and 20% second mortgage - Two loans and No mortgage insurance is required! A few years back, the "80-20" was the most popular first-time home buyer loans with zero down. After a long hiatus, a few lenders are testing out the combination zero down house loan.

1st Loan: Select from 15, 30 & 40-year fixed rate mortgages or an ARM with fixed rates for 3,5,7 or 10 years.

2nd Loan: Select from 15, 20, 25-year fixed rate mortgages or variable rate credit lines that have a 10-year draw period.

What are the Best Options for a $0 Down Home Loan with No Down-Payment?
As many borrowers have learned, the home loan process can be complicated if you don't know what to expect or if you find yourself working with a lender that doesn't specialize in first time home financing. VA remains the best no money down loan because the guidelines are flexible with credit and the interest rates are extremely aggressive, but you must have the military credentials. USDA also offers a 100% loan for applicants in rural areas. FHA requires a 3.5% down-payment, unless you are in a state that allows down-payments assistance. Zero Down Mortgage
Do You Qualify for a
Zero Down Home Loan?

Need A Lower Payment? Ask About the Interest Only No Money Down Mortgages

Find out how get lower monthly payment for your purchase whether you are a housing buying!

Meet preferred home loan lenders enjoy helping Americans become homeowners with loans for buying the home they want. Get a quick quote from the team at BD Nationwide. Whether you want to purchase, or refinance for money to pay-off high interest loans and credit card debt, now is the time to consolidate your debt.

Buy a House with No Money Down - Take advantage of our reduced cost mortgage options. For more details, call your Nationwide Account Executive or complete the quick quote form and of our friendly loan officers will follow up with you shortly to discuss several zero down mortgage opportunities.

Learn How to Get Pre-Approved to Buy a Home with Little or No Money Down

Pre-Approvals are offered from the lender and specifically the underwriting dept. Underwriters will analyze the risk factor for potential borrowers. Getting a no down payment mortgage is certainly considered high risk financing so preparation and presentation can be critical to getting approved. Find out if you qualify for a home loan with bad credit and no money down.

If you are interested in buying a house, call us now to get a pre-approval in writing. We will just ask you a few questions and then access your credit, income, and hopefully you will be approved!

See Testimonials for 100% Financing & Zero Down House Loans
Nationwide Testimonials.

"Nobody said being a first-time home buyer would be piece of cake, but Nationwide definitely made it as easy as possible." There is a lot to think about when you are buying a home, and to know someone has your back on the financing side is a real blessing. They found us a home loan program that required no down-payment, so we were able to invest our savings into furnishing our new home. Your team was always there to answer our questions, and these days that means a lot. We now have a peace of mind and a fresh start. Once again, Thanks!" The Matson Family- San Diego, CA

FHA & Fannie Mae Announce 2020 FHA and Conforming Loan Limits Range from $510,000 to $729,000

Fannie Mae announced recently that it will apply new conforming loan limits, as determined by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) based on federal data on mean (average) home prices, to increase its single-family mortgage loan limit to $510,400 for 2020. As a result of the new loan limit, Fannie Mae estimates that as many as an additional 466,326 homeowners would be eligible for a conforming loan. Conforming loan limits may adjust annually. The conforming loan limits adjustments are based on the October-to-October changes in the mean (average) home price, as published by the Federal Housing Finance Board (FHFB). The FHFB figures come from its monthly survey of lending companies. Both new and existing homes are included in the survey. Limits for multi-unit loans will be as follows: two-family loans $533,850, three-family loans $645,300, and four-family loans $801,950. The limits on 2nd liens remain at $208,500.

The maximum amounts for one-to-four-family liens and 2nd mortgages in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands are 50% higher than the limits for the rest of the country. Most loans Fannie Mae purchases are well below the conforming limit. The average loan amount size for single-family properties in the first three quarters of last year is slightly higher than $194,000. For more information on maximum please visit

Loan Facts - Popularity is Increasing for No Money Down Mortgages

Surveys recently found that almost 43% of first-time homebuyers obtain their mortgage using 100% mortgage financing. More borrowers than ever need 100% loans, but the zero down loan opportunities have become more challenging.

According to the National Association of Realtors 43% of first-time home buyers obtained no money down mortgages last year and that the average 1st-time buyer made only a 2 percent down payment on a $150,000 property. Typically, there were two mortgage loans totaling 100% (80% first mortgage and a 20% second mortgage.)

For more information on 100% home loans with zero down required, please talk with one of our mortgage professionals. After completing the residential application online, an agent will follow up with shortly to discuss your needs and eligibility. This website allows you to shop no money down mortgages from lenders that offer pre-qualification letters quickly to eligible applicants.


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"We found Nationwide on Bank Rate when we were searching for the lowest rates online. We also needed a lender that understood 1st time home buying and 100% home loans. We wanted a no down payment mortgage so we could leave our savings intact. Nationwide helped us qualify for a $0 down loan at 3.75% featuring a fixed rate and no closing costs."
- E. Banks, Monrovia, CA.

"After looking for months we finally found a house that we wanted to make an offer on. Our realtor recommended we get pre-approved prior to making our bid so we shopped financing online and found BD Nationwide. They were able to get us a lender approval letter within an hour on a home loan with no deposit. They held our hand through the process and we locked into a great rate. Thank You!"
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"Our loan processor and agent were so helpful in getting approved for a zero down mortgage. This was our first time home buying experience, so we were really appreciative about all the hard work involved in getting our loan closed. Thank You for the great rate and dedication to meet the escrow demands!"
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"For many years we wanted to jump into the real estate market and buy a home, but we could save enough money for the deposit to make an offer. A friend referred us to this site and we met with a lender that helped us make the transition from renter to homeowner. We qualified for an affordable home loan with no down payment. Our tax advisor informed us that after the interest deduction at the end of the year, we were actually paying less than we were when we rented. Thank You Nationwide for helping us live the dream!”
- K. Stevens, Riverside, CA

Analyze the benefits of a variety of home mortgages. Get help calculating the monthly payment and discover the net interest savings. It will also calculate how many months it will take to get a return on investments with respect to the closing costs.

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Take advantage of our free guides and disclosures that help 1st time homebuyers in search of purchase money requirements and info on no money down mortgages.

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Understanding Credit Scores

Popular Loan Programs

Once again, this year, new home buyers still have opportunities for zero down loans with down-payment assistance and military home loans.

First Time Home Buyer News

Congress passed a bill to keep the down-payment requirement at 3.5% on FHA loans in all 50 states. With high default ratios, the government is trying to move away from 100% financing, but who know what will happen in 2016. Lawmakers are anxious to get the housing crisis behind them and looser guidelines are expected for zero down home loans going forward.

In traditional market a 10% down-payment would be more than sufficient, but in an effort to get the housing sector to rebound, banks have had to extend financing with minimal requirements.

The 1st quarter this year saw a 9% increase in applications for 0 down home loans. Many of these borrowers met the military finance requirements but many of these consumers were better fit for the FHA loan opportunities. Most experts agree that new home buyers will benefit greatly when guidelines are eased for no money down home loan programs. This will offer the incentives that many renters need to motivate them to become homeowners.

Will Zero Down Payment Loans Resurge Soon? Most likely, because the private money sources have been slowly trickling back into lending and the secondary market. We anticipate more aggressive finance options for home buying in the U.S. for the next few years. We suggest checking in with loan companies regularly because the standards and rules on home loans with zero down-payments change frequently.

According BankRate, there are already new zero-down mortgage plans sponsored by Federal entities like, the NAVY Credit Unions., VA and USDA. This trend signals that no downpayment mortgages could return to the product-line of finance companies around the country.

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