Fixed 30 Year Mortgage Rates

30 Year Mortgage
Current 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages are
Secure and Affordable!

Compare today's thirty year interest rates on home loans and you'll find there at the lowest point in history. When the Federal Reserve makes money this cheap, the current 30 year mortgage rates have become very attractive for home loans and refinancing. When fixed rates fall below 4% on long-term financing, the 30-year mortgage surges in popularity. Consumers in the United States have been blessed with fixed thirty-year mortgages as low as 3.25% this year and which has caused home buying and refinance activity to surge to new heights.

The fixed 30-year loan program has become the standard term with FNMA or FHA affordable terms on refinance and purchase money transactions. The Fed's strategy has helped rates become more affordable on second mortgages and cash out loans as well. The thirty year fixed mortgage provides a fixed interest rate that is locked for the entire term of the loan.

Shop and compare a wide variety of fixed rate loan programs to choose from; home equity, second mortgage and refinance loans with fixed or adjustable interest rates. We offer premium interest rates for our traditional prime "A" paper" as well as non-conforming loans that do not meet Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan parameters. We post the current 30-year mortgage rates every day on our blog as well.

Compare 30-Year Mortgage Rates Now and Lock into a Great Fixed Rate!

With the 30 year fixed rate, you can benefit from a low rate and low payment that is stretched out over a 360 month term. Top loan experts believe that it is important for borrowers to be confident when taking a loan on against your home. Most economists agree that 30 years of fixed payments is a responsible mortgage, because you are making payments towards paying down the principal, and interest. At Nationwide, you can be sure you will be working with the best mortgage lenders online. With fixed 30-year mortgage rates between 3 and 4%, homeowners have an incredible opportunity to save thousands of dollars by getting locked in to great rates for thirty years.

Refinance or Purchase: 30-Year Conforming, Jumbo FHA, Fannie Mae

Choose 30 Year Mortgage Loans from:
Fannie MAE, FHA, VA and many other non-conforming loan options for purchase, refinance, cash back, debt consolidation, remodeling and house construction.
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  • 30-Year VA Rates
  • 30-Year Conventional Rates
  • 30-Year Jumbo Rates
Current 30 Year Rates

Finance Advice for Comparing the Current 30-Year Mortgage Rates

Lower rate for 30 years can save you thousands of dollars.
Low payments with fixed rates

Monthly payments are quite a bit higher than a 30 year Fixed Payment.
Reduced Cash Flow

Finance Advice for Comparing the Current 30-Year Mortgage Rates

30-Year Mortgage Benefits:
Lower rate for 30 years can save you thousands of dollars. 
Low payments with fixed rates

Monthly payments are quite a bit higher than a 30 year Fixed Payment.
Reduced Cash Flow

Lock into the Best Thirty Year Mortgage Rates Online

  • Search for a Lower Rate
  • Affordable Fixed 30-Year Mortgages
  • Debt Consolidation of High Rate Credit
  • 100% VA Loans
  • Fixed 30-Year Home Loans
  • 96.5% FHA Home Loans
  • 100% VA Home Mortgages
  • 90% Conventional Loans with mortgage insurance

30 Year Payment Example:
$400,000 30 Year Fixed at 4.5%
360 Monthly Payments at $1,800.00

Don't wait any longer, apply online and get connected with a seasoned loan professional live. We offer a helpful consultation that includes a free loan quotes with no obligation. Thirty-year mortgage rates are always subject to change so discuss locking the interest rate with one of our loan officers today.


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30-Year Mortgage Rate News

Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said that the rate on the 30-year loan rose to 3.625%, from 3.61% the previous week. That's slightly above the average rate hit a few weeks ago, which was the lowest since rates on mortgages began in the 1950s.

USA Today Announces Lower 30-Year Rates. If you want to a buy a house, it's not too late as interest rates remain at an incredibly low level. First time buyers are encouraged to become homeowners because the Federal Reserve and banks have extended affordable financing on 15 and 30-year fixed mortgages.

As home values returned and interest rates began to rise in 2014, a few banks and investors announced several new home equity programs. Read more about 2nd Mortgage Loan Programs Return.

Mortgage Loans for First Time Home Buyers CALHFA Down-Payment Assistance for First Time Home Buying


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After shopping with a few lenders online, Nationwide helped us get approved for a thirty-year mortgage fixed at 3.5%! We saved tons of money and our housing expenses dropped dramatically.!
- Sam P., San Antonio, TX

Thanks You for helping us get a 30-year mortgage with an interest rate below 4%! Our credit scores were not great, but Nationwide helped us find the best loan.
- Holly T., San Jose, CA

Buying our first home was a wonderful experience because we are now homeowners with the lowest rates I’ve seen since I have been alive!!  The loan processors were very helpful every step of the way!
- Bobby W.,Richmond , VA

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