Shop for the Best Fixed Mortgage Rates

Shop for the Best Fixed Mortgage Rates

Shop for the Best Fixed Mortgage Rates

How Do I Get the Best Fixed Mortgage Rates?

Learn What Is Required to Lock in the Lowest Fixed Mortgage Rate

For the last five years American consumers have been blessed with the best fixed mortgage rates that have been recorded in the last thirty years. The fixed rate mortgage is a highly regarded loan because the interest rate is set for the duration of the term. That means that if a borrower gets fixed 30-year mortgage rates then they will the same fixed payment for 360 months. Fixed mortgage rates are extremely popular in times during instable economies.
With so many homeowners struggling with their adjustable rate loans that they were lured into a few years back, most loan officers are selling the fixed rate loan with pride. Unless someone know for sure that they are moving, borrowers want the security that fixed mortgage rates provide. Besides if you learn what the criteria is to qualify for the best fixed mortgage rates online, then you can set up a plan to achieve these financial blessings. We would like to think that borrowers feel good knowing that they are getting approved for the lowest fixed rates available on the internet.

Get the Approved for Best Mortgage Rates Online

Today’s fixed thirty-year mortgage rates are available between four and five percent. Credit scores and loan to value are the driving factors that will ultimately determine your mortgage rate. If you can afford the fifteen-year term, then fixed mortgage rates are available between three and four percent. Most borrowers have not seen home mortgage interest rates this low in their lifetime. The affordability makes mortgage refinancing or home purchase loans very attractive. Don’t wait too long because the best fixed mortgage rates of our generation will not last much long.

Compare mortgage lenders that have earned reputations for delivering great service and competitive fixed mortgage rates as well.

Nationwide recommends fixed mortgage rates when you are seeking long term financing or if you are unsure about how long you make keep your home.

  • Current FHA Rates – Compare fixed interest rates from an Approved FHA lender for purchase or refinance.
  • 30-Year Refinance Rates – lock into fixed rate for 30-years.
  • 15-Year Refinance Rates – Get approved for the lowest fifteen year mortgages ever recorded.
  • VA Refinance Rates – These loans are available to 100% for rate and term refinances and cash out loans up to 90% loan to value.
  • FHA Refinance Rates – These government mortgages are available to 96.5% for streamline and 85% loan to value when borrowers want to consolidate debt or get cash out.