What Credit Score Is Needed with FHA Loans

Today, the minimum credit score on FHA loans is only 500. That means even if you have past credit problems, there is a good chance you may be eligible for a FHA loan. The FHA credit score requirements have always been easier than the conventional programs, like Fannie and Freddie. In 2018 the credit score for FHA loan program continues to be an attractive feature because the Department of Housing and Urban Development encourages lenders and bankers to take more risks on borrowers with credit scores as low as 500.

For limited or no credit scores, lenders typically refer borrowers to FHA loans because they approve financing beyond fico scores. Most traditional lenders use the credit score system as the centerpiece for underwriting guidelines. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and most subprime lenders use the middle credit score are the primary factor when evaluating a loan approval. With a minimum credit score of 500, it is safe to say that the Federal Housing Administration continues to be aggressive with lending. Many new house buyers have not established much credit and some do not even have a fico score yet. FHA mortgage rates have fallen once again near record territory. The Federal Housing Administration is a great option for people with no credit scores looking for a no credit score FHA loan.

How to Buy a Home with FHA even if you have No Credit

Consider a no credit mortgage from FHA, if you haven't been able to establish enough credit for Trans Union, EquiFax or Experian. FHA mortgage guidelines continue to focus on the borrower's willingness and ability to repay a loan and a credit score is only one level of measuring this. FHA allows alternative credit with the use of rental history and utility bills. Consumers like FHA mortgages for bad credit home buying, renovating and refinancing homes. BD Nationwide provides cost-effective FHA mortgages across to qualified borrower in the U.S. FHA remains the most popular government financing options this year.

The Federal Housing Administration will still consider no credit mortgage loans, but they must be approved by an approved FHA underwriter. In most cases applicants seeking no credit loans will need to document some payment history with a landlord. In some cases, the underwriter may request cancelled checks and bank statements in an effort to show a steady pattern of paying rent. If you want to be considered for a no credit score mortgage, please complete the loan quote form above and you'll be able to learn more about your eligibility. Find out if you are eligible for FHA down-payment loan with below average credit score.

Check Rates on FHA First Time Buyer Loans

Affordable Fixed Interest Rate and Terms with FHA Mortgages

Whether you need to refinance out of your high rate ARM or get cash out and consolidate bills, our lenders can help you compare no credit mortgage loans. Talk to loan officers that can help you understand guidelines and lending requirements on FHA and sub-prime programs.


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Understanding Credit Scores
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