Can You Get a House with 500 Credit Scores?

Buying a home is what most people in America want eventually. If you have bad credit, however, you may feel that a house is beyond your reach. When your credit score is well under 600, even 500, can you still get a house? In some cases, yes, although doing so may require you to do … Read more

Can I Get a Mortgage with Unpaid Collections?

Buying a home is most people’s goal at some point, and it’s common to have many questions about obtaining a mortgage. Generally, you need to have good credit to get a mortgage with the best rate. But, life happens and sometimes people have black marks on their credit report, such as unpaid collections. What if … Read more

Can I Get a Non-QM Loan with Bad Credit?

The non QM loan product is getting a lot of buzz in the mortgage and real estate world. The traditional US mortgage industry is generally set up for people who have a regular, documented income that is predictable month to month. There are many self-employed and homeowners with bad credit that have compensating factors that … Read more