95% Second Mortgages
Compare 95% LTV Mortgage Loans

Nationwide offers high LTV 2nd mortgages for refinancing, cash out and bill consolidation. We offer offers many competitive home equity loan programs from 80% to 100% combined loan to value (cltv). Getting approved for a 95% LTV mortgage in 2nd position has never been easy.

One of the most popular home equity loans is Second Mortgage 95%. This loan is for people who have enough equity in their home, that after their new second mortgage they still have at least 5% equity left in their home (cltv). Take a look at our various options for second mortgages and lock into a fixed interest loan while rates are so affordable.

Now You Can Refinance or Get Money with 95% LTV Mortgages

Credit Rating:

Poor, Fair Good or Excellent

Key Qualifiers:

Property Value, Credit Score

Income Documentation: Full Doc or No stated Income

•  Fixed Rate Second Mortgage
•  Up to 95% combined loan to value.
•  First Time Home-buyers OK

More Popular Second Mortgage Loans to Consider:

Please view the popular 2nd mortgage products below. If you need more information, Please select the loan that interests you most. To get more details click the relevant link below to get more information and helpful advice.

125% Second Mortgage borrow more than your home is worth. 90% 2nd Mortgages You only need 10% equity for this loan. 100% Second Mortgages - Refinance or get cash with no equity.
Refinance with Bad Credit - Refinancing options for people with low fico scores. 105% 2nd Mortgages
Go above and beyond by 5%.
115% CLTV
The 20k loan from FHA enable 115% for home rehabilitation.

*2nd mortgage approvals are subject to submitting an application to Nationwide Mortgage Loan Company. The essential conditions for approvals are underwriting qualifications such as: verification of income, employment, assets and other information like obtaining an acceptable property.

Second Mortgage Terms
. 15 Year Fixed Rate
. 20 Year Fixed Rate
. 25 Year Fixed Rate
. 30 Year Fixed Rate
. 30 Year Fixed Rate w/15 year Balloon

  • Adjustable Rate Second Mortgages (Home Equity Line of Credit)
  • Up to 80% combined loan to value
  • First Time Home-buyers OK

Home Equity Credit Line Terms

  • 10 Year Interest Only Draw/ 10 year Re-payment
  • 10 Year Interest Only Draw/ 15 year Re-payment
  • 5 Year Interest Only Fixed Rate Second Mortgage


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