What is a 125% Second Mortgage?

In the past, borrowers with no equity looked to 125 second mortgage lenders to help them consolidate high rate credit card debt. At one time BD Nationwide was one of the leaders for 125 second loans, but that product has been placed on hold. We can still connect you with lenders that offer competitive terms for no equity second mortgage loans and refinancing, fixed rate second mortgages and no equity mortgage loans. The HARP 3.0 program has been suspended as well as most no equity second mortgage products.
The 125 mortgage remains a popular loan choice for homeowners who presently lack equity. The no equity 2nd mortgage program rates and guidelines change frequently, so discuss your eligibility with a lender today. There is no cost to see quotes or compare rates and there is never any application fees so there is no risk to check out today’s 125 second mortgage with no equity required.
Keep in mind though that most of the no equity loan programs do not offer cash out. The FHA 203K loan does provide funds for construction, home rehabilitation and outlined house repairs. The 125% second mortgage was very popular with homeowners that wanted to consolidate debt but had no equity. Unfortunately we do not have a replacement program to suggest since these this type of 125 loan was placed on hold, If you are looking to refinance for debt consolidation, chances are you will some equity.
Most banks require 10-20% equity in your home to even consider allowing you to refinance or get cash out with a no equity second mortgage loan. Some of our lending partners still offer second mortgage loans that not only do not require as much equity as traditional lenders are asking for. There are still a few refinancing options for 1st and 2nd mortgages from 90 to 100% of what your home is worth, depending on your credit score. We can match you some of the only high LTV mortgage lenders that have experience refinancing homeowners that have underwater liens. Currently the 125 mortgage program has been put on hold.

125% Mortgage Refinance Rates Online with No Refinance Options

Leverage Debt with Second Mortgage Loans
If you own a home and are burdened by high-rate credit card bills and variable-rate lines of credit, you might find value in considering a 125% second mortgage. This option does not necessitate existing equity and enables you to refinance, consolidating all your debts into a single fixed-payment loan. Our clients consistently share substantial savings experiences through a 2nd mortgage loan, which extend the possibility of borrowing more than your home’s current value.

125% Mortgage Refinancing

Find out how the Matson family saved over $700 a month with a 125% second mortgage loan that provided debt consolidation like a cash out home equity loan that financed their home remodel.
Our refinance team specializes in “out of the box” home equity loans and 2nd mortgage refinancing. Consider our low rate options for bad credit equity lines of credit and 125% 1st-2nd combo loans to consolidate credit card debt or refinancing your any existing adjustable rate loans into a lower fixed rate payment.

Save Money With No Equity Mortgage Refinance Solutions

Our refinance loans, designed for situations with no existing equity, not only provide cost savings but also offer the option to obtain cash for home improvements and remodeling. With over a decade of experience, BD Nationwide has been assisting homeowners in optimizing their home equity. Our skilled loan team was dedicated to helping you qualify for a 125% second mortgage, allowing you to secure a fixed interest rate loan with straightforward interest terms.

Second Mortgage with No Equity Required

What kind of credit requirements are needed to qualify for a 125% second mortgage?
125% second mortgages were around for almost 15 years because the underwriting criteria have been fairly strict. First of all, 125 loan programs always require full income documentation. The second key guideline has always been the credit scores. Borrowers need to have good credit scores ranging from 640 – 800. The lower the credit score a borrower has, the more residual income will be required from the borrower. Due to the risk factors associated with equity, the 125% 2nd mortgage will always be packaged with good credit criteria.
  • 2nd Mortgage for Debt Consolidation
  • Finance Home Improvements
  • Get Access to Money Now
  • Low Rates on No Equity Refinance Loans
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Fixed Interest Rates
  • Leverage Debt with Simple Interest
  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • No 1st Refinance Required
  • Eliminate Adjustable Interest
Take advantage of today’s low rates, and consider a home equity loan that allows you to keep your existing low rate 1st mortgage. Find 125% second mortgage loans that are secured in addition to the mortgage you already have.
We are one of the few loan companies to offer no equity loans. The 125% second mortgage once allowed borrowers to exceed the value of their property. BD Nationwide can refer you to High LTV mortgage lenders but unless you are doing home rehabilitation, there are no cash out opportunities when you exceed 100% in today’s marketplace. If you have equity but poor credit consider a hard money home equity loan because they are more competitively priced than in the past.

If you’re seeking a home equity loan to streamline your monthly payments through credit card consolidation and refinancing other debts, inquire with your loan officer about recently introduced programs.

For first-time homebuyers, the 125% second mortgage presents an excellent loan solution. This program eliminates the need for existing equity, allowing you to borrow up to 125% of your home’s value. Nationwide is a leading provider of highly competitive 125% equity loans nationwide—seek additional information from your loan officer.

The 125 loan empowers you to surpass the appraised value, accessing an extra 25% in equity. The popularity of this no equity mortgage is on the rise, fueled by the increasing demand for debt consolidation. Homeowners can settle credit cards, installment loans, and unsecured loans alike. The consolidation of debts into a single mortgage payment has the potential to reduce monthly expenses by several hundred dollars.

125% Home Equity Loans
Meet mortgage companies that can help you qualify for a great high LTV loan programs that requires no equity earned with your home appreciation. Consolidate bills or finance home improvement projects with a fixed rate home equity loan from the brokers and lenders you can find here on the BD Nationwide website.
2nd Mortgages for Debt Consolidation

Discover the process of refinancing to settle variable-rate credit card balances and consolidate your debt into a fixed-rate second mortgage, resulting in monthly savings.

For first-time homebuyers, the 125% second mortgage provides an excellent cash-out solution. This loan eliminates the need for existing equity, enabling you to borrow up to 125% of your home’s value. BD Nationwide offers a platform to discover the most competitive 125% equity loans nationwide. Keep in mind that rates, terms, credit score, and LTV requirements for the 125 mortgage program may change frequently, so consult your loan officer for updated information.

With the 125 loan, you can surpass the appraised value and access an additional 25% of equity. The popularity of this no-equity mortgage is on the rise, driven by the increasing demand for debt consolidation. Homeowners can settle credit cards, installment loans, and unsecured loans. Consolidating your debts into a single mortgage payment has the potential to reduce monthly expenses by several hundred dollars. Consider the risks before adding a lien to your property.

New Loan Options for People that Don’t Want to Refinance their 1st Mortgage
Mark Tecotzky, the co-chief investment officer of Ellington Financial, suggests that presently, “Taking on consumer credit risk is a favorable decision.” He draws a comparison between consumer debt and corporate debt, highlighting the trend of individuals and businesses paying down and refinancing debt since the banking crisis, coupled with the regulatory changes introduced by the Dodd-Frank reform bill. If this perspective proves accurate, we may anticipate the emergence of more assertive high loan-to-value (LTV) loan programs in the coming days.
Take Advantage of our High LTV Experience
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  • 125 Concurrent 1st & 2nd Mortgage Refinance
  • No Cash at Closing Second Mortgages
  • Financing a New Business with a 2nd Mortgage
The site can help you find trust-worthy lenders that can help you refinance your debts and forecast interest rates so you can create a plan to maximize your savings!
Learn More About High LTV Refinancing and Get a 125% Second Mortgage Quote

Are you postponing your kitchen remodel, a much-deserved vacation, or the consolidation of high-interest credit cards? Seize the opportunity now to benefit from historically low interest rates, as a potential rate hike could result in significant costs! The 125% Second Mortgage emerges as an ideal loan solution for those looking to leverage their home equity for improvements, project funding, dream purchases, or settling high-interest debts.

125% Home Equity Loans
Fixed-rate home equity loans have become the preferred avenue for cash-out refinancing, especially for first-time homebuyers with no equity. These loans empower borrowers to surpass the appraised value, reaching loan amounts up to 125%.

Now, you can effectively eliminate high-interest debts, refinance fluctuating credit card interest, and secure extra cash for various home improvements.

A 125% Mortgage allows you to tap into up to 125% of your home’s equity. This loan type stands out not only for potentially lower rates compared to other borrowing options but also for potential substantial tax benefits. It’s the opportunity to access funds and turn those long-held project dreams into reality!

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  • 125% Second Mortgage
  • 100% Home Equity Line of Credit
Are you Looking for Cash without Refinancing 1st Mortgage?

If you currently hold an “Option ARM 1st Mortgage,” you may be aware that many lenders prohibit a second mortgage behind a first loan with the potential for negative amortization. If you require access to cash but prefer not to refinance your existing home loan, request additional information to determine if you qualify for a home equity loan behind the first loan. (Please note that the program for a second mortgage behind a neg-am loan has been temporarily suspended.)

Consolidating high-interest credit card bills and installment debts could be a prudent decision. In numerous cases, this approach can significantly reduce your total monthly payments and may even qualify for tax deductions.

2nd Mortgage up to 125%: (On hold) Fixed rates and fixed monthly payments.
Includes additional options for lower monthly payments or lower interest rates, and potential tax savings. This fixed rate second mortgage allows customers to know what the payment will be for the entire life of the mortgage.
— 125% Mortgages up to $150,000
Home Equity Line of Credit up to 125%: (On hold) Adjustable rates and the flexibility to use and reuse the line of credit for the 1st 10 years of the loan. Interest Only monthly payment options offer lower payments.