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BD Nationwide provides competitive mortgages with 1st and 2nd mortgage loans for cash out refinancing, consolidation, first time home buying and much more. Our lender partners offer exclusive programs featuring 15 and 30 year home loans for VA, FHA, refinancing, second mortgage and purchase money transactions. Visit our online marketplace where consumers get matched with prime lenders that specialize in cash out, fixed rate refinancing and home buying mortgages.

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Are you looking for mortgage lenders that offer competitive rates and great customer service? Let us connect you with lenders that can help you find the most attractive home loans and mortgage refinance programs available. Find out how renters become homeowners with our 100% financing and affordable purchase mortgages. It is still an excellent time to compare our home loan lenders that recently introduced more aggressive guidelines on the first time home buyer and mortgage refinance loan programs as well. Freddie Mac says "the fixed 30-year rates may be a once in a life time opportunity to lock into a record low interest mortgage." Rates on purchase, equity loans and mortgage refinancing may never be this low again. Take advantage of our unique programs like the "no cost mortgage" that enable consumers to preserve their capital by not having to pay lending fees and closing costs out of pocket. If you find yourself with credit or equity obstacles, we suggest considering subprime or FHA for refinancing, debt consolidation, cash back and new home financing. Did you know that VA and FHA rates have been priced competitively with conventional loan programs backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Did you know that government home mortgage refinancing has become very aggressive with credit and equity requirements?

Be aware that 2nd mortgage programs have changed dramatically, but conforming and FHA products continue to offer aggressive programs for home buying and refinancing. The streamline and HARP options are even approving beyond 125% to qualified applicants seeking more affordable home refinancing. The DU program enables borrowers to refinance up to 105%. The President recently announced significant enhancements to the Home Affordable Refinance Program that had previously restricted mortgage refinancing to 125%, but the HARP 2.0 version has no limits or caps on loan to value calculations.

With home financing this affordable, it would be very risky to assume that interest rates will continue to fall any further. Standard refinancing with cash back options are limiting borrowing to 85% loan to value. While the streamline refinance are rate and term programs that are capped at 96.5% loan to value. (Ask your loan officer for specific product requirements, eligibility and FHA guidelines, limits and current FHA rates). Talk to lenders that have experience closing home mortgage refinance loans with VA and FHA.

Get More Info on Mortgage Refinance and Home Equity Loans for All Types of Credit!

BD Nationwide Mortgage has maintained its corporate headquarters in Southern California since 2001, but our lending partners expanded prime, jumbo, government and subprime mortgage loan services to consumers nationally. We recommend that homeowners take advantage of the Federal Reserve's record low -rates for equity loans, credit lines, mortgage refinancing and modification plans. In many cases, consumers can benefit significantly when refinancing adjustable rate mortgages into fixed rate home loans. Many homeowners are commenting positively about additional savings they are realizing from refinancing variable rate home equity credit lines into a tax deductible equity loan that has a guaranteed a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. If your property has lost some of its value, or you are having difficulty qualifying, ask one of our lending specialists about the latest underwater and bad credit mortgage solutions. Whether you need to purchase a new home, secure mortgage refinancing with fixed interest rate, BD Nationwide can match you with lenders that have the experience you need when searching the best home mortgage loan online.


Mortgage Refinancing: Nationwide will unite you with experienced lenders that have assembled talented staffs in an effort to meet your financial needs. We provide "outside of the box" 1st and 2nd loan opportunities that maximize the best refinancing mortgages that are available with your credentials. When you are shopping online for home loans then consider some of the new mortgage loan programs that may best your needs. We have found that most consumers are looking for mortgages that will not only save them money up-front but also on an annual basis as well. Many of our clients have significantly improved their financial state after refinancing their high interest revolving credit cards and consolidating their adjustable rate debt together into a reduced payment that is accompanied by a fixed, simple interest loan. Rates may have hit the lowest level in 30-years but many economists warn that the Federal Reserve will likely begin a trend of rate hikes that would make home refinancing less affordable. So submit your request for more information today and take advantage of Nationwide's excellent customer service. We take great pride in introducing you to competitive mortgage refinance lenders. Our goal is to always provide you with the best home financing opportunities while meeting your needs with diverse mortgage refinancing products.

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Home Affordable Refinance Program: When the property values plummeted national, the government needed to stem the foreclosure crisis and roll out an alternative solution to traditional refinancing that required equity. They rolled out the Home Affordable Refinance Program, also known as HARP 2.0 for homeowners that were underwater but needed payment relief from program that required no equity. Millions of borrowers have lowered their payment with this program and we anticipate a HARP 3.0 coming soon.

FHA Mortgage Rates: First time homebuyers are encouraged to compare our competitive loan products like the 96.5% FHA loan. If you are seeking to refinance your variable rate loans or bad credit mortgages but your credit scores are low or no equity left in your home, we encourage you to apply online because our FHA lenders can make exceptions for compensating factors. Get matched with FHA mortgage lenders that continue to expand loan programs, so even if you were turned down from a lender in the past, there still may be hope. Find out how our customers have benefitted from low rate offers with competitive 15 or 30-year fixed rate terms. Find out if you pre-qualify for a government insured financing option. Application for a FHA Loan.

VA Home Mortgage Loans: Military veterans may be eligible for 100% refinancing with low rates from competitive VA mortgage lenders. This unique program is special because it the last 100% loan in the U.S. New home buyers may be eligible for the no money down loan and veteran homeowners should consider the VA streamline for quick and easy refinancing. Choose from cash out loans, streamline and zero down home loans. We can help you compare military mortgage refinancing and purchase loans.

Home Equity Loan Rates: If you have a variable rate credit line, we recommend a 2nd mortgage refinance because the rate is fixed and each payment you make would go towards principal and interest rather than just interest like it is with HELOCs. According to Kevin Margulies, an IHE executive, "Now more than ever, homeowners should seek the expert advice from the 'Mortgage Loan Originators' at Nationwide." Our affiliated lenders extend competitive home equity rates.

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Refinance Your ARM with Fixed Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Refinance Rates: If your mortgage loan payment is about to adjust, we suggest discussing a refinance with your friendly neighborhood loan officer at Nationwide. If your mortgage is an Option ARM Mortgage Refinance or variable interest rate connected to with the LIBOR, MTA, COFI, COSI, or COSI the time has come to refinance. However, Government bailout plans, like the Home Affordable Refinance Program, do offer mortgage refinancing relief and modifications.

FHA Mortgage Loans Provide New Opportunities

FHA Loan: In 1934, the US government created FHA mortgage loans to help homeowners lock in a guaranteed fixed and affordable mortgage rate. FHA mortgage rates remain low, but most real estate analysts predict more rate hikes in the next few years. Take advantage of the FHA refinance opportunities that allow cash out for debt consolidation or home improvements and equity loan programs for fixed rate refinancing. See the latest FHA loan limits by State: California Mortgage.

5 Most Popular Home Equity & Refinance Loans

Cash Out RefinanceHome Equity Refinance: Nationwide Mortgage Loans offers a multitude of home equity, second mortgages, refinance loans and equity credit lines to maintain a competitive edge. We offer the best refinance options online.

Our mortgage partners continue to be an industry leader for high LTV, no equity, refinance and second mortgage loans that allow first time homebuyers or distressed homeowners that are unable to refinance out of their existing mortgage to qualify for loans without having any equity in their home.

1. Refinancing Loans with FHA
2. 125 Home Equity Loan
3. Home Affordable Refinance
4. Home Equity Line of Credit
5. 125% Second Mortgage

Top 5 Rated Loans for Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage Refinance RatesMortgage Refinancing: Find out how our lenders offer over 100 mortgage refinance programs with loans for refinancing, bill consolidation at a competitive rate of interest.

Consumers across the nation are lining up to lock in low fixed rate mortgages because they enable homeowners to realize significant savings with lower monthly payments while increasing cash flow. Conventional, VA and FHA loans all offer fixed rates that are guaranteed for thirty years.

1. FHA Refinance
2. No Cost Mortgage Refinance Loans
3. VA Streamline Refinance
4. FHA Streamline Refinance
5. HARP Refinance Loan

Free Home Financing Guides & Consumer Reports

No Cost Home Loan Help: Take advantage of our free guides and disclosures that help 1st time homebuyers. We'll help you balance budgets and teach you tips for maintaining good credit scores. If you are behind on your loan payments, or late on credit card bills, consider refinancing with the Federal Housing Administration because they allow lower credit scores with cash out refinancing up to 85% loan to value. Veterans can get 100% financing with Zero Down Home Loan options and VA home loans.

Home Equity Credit Line Fed Tips
Home Purchase Guide
No money mortgage products are hard to find in this market. The VA mortgage program still features a no down-payment loan at 100% Loan to Value. Our lending partners offer several zero or low-down-payment loan solutions to eligible first time home buyers.
FHA Home Loans

Professional Advice From Home Loan Experts

Low Mortgage Rates: Our lending team offers both traditional home refinancing and conventional purchase mortgages, but our niche remains with cash out refinance loans and prime rate home equity lines of credit. These equity loans are ideal for financing home improvements, swimming pool construction and consolidating adjustable rate debt in an effort to maximize savings. Why not secure your future now and lock into a fixed rate mortgage loan that saves you money and protects you from rising rates and inflation?
Mortgage refinance rates will be on the rise as US inflation begins to see the effects of the recent mortgage bail-outs and high rate government debt.

Get a Free, No-Hassle Quote and Find out today 's interest rates for conforming, FHA, second mortgages and house financing specials for first time homebuyers.

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Home Purchase Loan Programs

• Property values dropped significantly over the last few years and this has created new opportunities for first home buying and real estate investments with short sales and foreclosures nationally.

Get more info from lenders that provide home purchase mortgages for borrowers with a wide variety of credit ranges. We do our best to eliminate the stress for first time home buyers.

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Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinance Loans

• Nationwide lenders meet the growing demand of fixed rate refinancing for people with rising adjustable rate payments. Some homeowners with fair or poor credit have been able to find a mortgage solution. Choose from conforming and jumbo mortgage refinance programs.
• We'll help you get info so you can compare fixed rate mortgage refinance loans even if your credit score is low. Ask the lenders about subprime home loan & refinancing products for borrowers with good and bad credit. See FHA Loan for Bad Credit.

Fixed Home Equity Loans

Mortgage Loan Calculators

Mortgage Refinancing Calculator - Analyze the benefits of refinancing. Calculate the monthly payment while displaying the net savings for refinance loans and second mortgages. Our calculators can help you understand how much interest you can save by consolidating, refinancing and paying off debt.

Recent Articles: Will Rates Go Up On Rates for Home Loans? | FHA Home Loan Programs | Mortgage Refinance Loans for Self-Employed | Down-Payment Requirements on a FHA Loan | Pre-Approval Letter for a Home Loan with FHA

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Saving Testimonials

According to the Wall Street Journal, "Consolidating compounding interest debt into a fixed loan refinance with simple interest can save you thousands of dollars a year."

"I got a mortgage refinance loan that made my credit card debt disappear and I was still able to get cash in my hand. Thanks for your help!" J. Thompson

"Refinancing my ARM was a priority, but Nationwide helped roll in my other high rate loans as well. We closed quickly and I saved almost $1,000 a month!"
The Bedford Family

Get more info from mortgage lenders offering conforming, FHA, VA home equity and down-payment assistance loans to help people secure low rate loan payments. Some of our refinance lenders have access to low equity refinancing with first and second mortgages, hard money loans and all types of non-conforming home refinance loans for homeowners in all 50 states. Maximize your home equity to get cash with a great mortgage rate to ensure the most affordable monthly payment possible. Take a moment and compare mortgage refinance loans and conventional home loan options online.

Military borrowers should be excited because VA rates have dipped to all-time lows. Compare 100% home buying and mortgage refinance offers now while rates are hot! VA refinance products have never been more appealing.

Home Financing Tips & Loan Articles *Ask about new mortgage refinance options that may require less home equity. Choose from 1st or 2nd mortgage options.

Quick Rate Links: Home Mortgage Interest Rates | VA Mortgage Rates | Home Loan Interest Rates | 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

It's no secret that mortgage rates are rising, so discuss your loan eligibility for home buying or refinancing with a licensed lender. Home purchase and refinance programs can change without notice, so verify your eligibility with a loan officer today. We will connect you with lenders that are licensed and approved to offer you the best home financing and refinance loan opportunities available in the marketplace. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that you will enjoy your online experience with Nationwide and we look forward to earning your business over the long term. Please note that purchase and refinance loan programs are subject to change without notice.

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Company Press Releases

Home Equity Loan Broker Awarded Preferred Mortgage Broker Status for Second Consecutive Year from IHE.

We offer up to the minute news for mortgage loan companies, FHA lenders and wholesale home loan brokers.

Borrowers can sign up for mortgage rate alerts for VA, FHA loans, home equity loans, credit lines and prime rates. Enjoy good lending advice because our mortgage lenders will help you compare rates and terms!

Second Mortgage Rates

Nationwide Mortgage Blog offers new insight every day about home loans. Sign up for updates on rates, home equity loans, VA and FHA mortgage loans. Home Refinance Blog

Mortgage News and Loan Program Updates
No cost mortgage loans have been popular because borrowers with good credit to refinance into a new loan without paying fees. There is no lending fees, origination fees or closing costs with no cost refinancing. Many new homeowners may be eligible for FHA refinance benefits because the maximum loan amounts were raised. Check with your lender for FHA limits in your region. The President just announced the streamline refinance to be included in the HARP refinancing initiative.

If you have had trouble getting approved in the past because of a past bankruptcy or low credit score, we provide info about new opportunities for home refinancing. Consider a loan refinance with a simple interest or a fixed rate FHA loan for securing bad credit consolidation and credit card debt. The sub-prime lending rules have changed recently, but you may still qualify for a home purchase loan with very little money down required. Bad credit home mortgages still exist, but most lenders are looking for strong compensating factors to justify them taking such risks.

About Nationwide Mortgage Loans

• Since 2001, Nationwide Lenders have brokered nearly $1 Billion in mortgage loans. Our knowledge helps consumers find good solutions for complex financing problems at a competitive interest rate.
• The Nationwide Lending Commitment - Our initial mission statement: "We provide out of the box loan products that help homeowners consolidate debt, lower their payments, leverage home equity and maximize savings. " Now rather than being a direct lender, we provide an online service matching consumers with competitive mortgage lenders.
• Whether it's offering info to people in regards to home mortgage refinancing with bad credit or guidelines for first time home buyers looking to secure an affordable loan, many of our lending partners deliver unique home financing solutions in all 50 states.
• No Application Fees and No Obligation to compare lenders or review quotes.

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"No fees prior to closing" means that Nationwide does not charge up-front fees for a loan application. No Cost Loans means the borrowers pays no origination or lending fees in their loan. No Cost Refinancing may have a higher rate than home refinancing products in which lender fees are paid. The No Cost Mortgage is subject to underwriter approval. No Hidden Fees means that Nationwide participating lenders will disclose any and all fees associated with a loan transaction. Mortgages with "Bad Credit" must meet lender requirements for fico score, loan to value and debt ratio. Interest Rate Locks are not allowed on the following lien/loan types in the noted states: On 1st lien loans, interest rate locks are not permitted in Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Nebraska, and Virginia. 1st and Second Mortgage Rate locks are not permitted on any loans in Georgia, Maine, and Massachusetts. Terms of the Standard Home Equity Line of Credit Program: The HELOC APR is based upon an Index value (the highest prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal Money Rates table) and is subject to change based upon a change in the Index rate. The maximum combined loan to value ratio is 125% for fixed rate FHA home loans that are subordinated. For specific purchase or refinance program requirements, disclosures and update licensing information for all 50 states, contact Nationwide mortgage lenders.

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