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BD Nationwide provides bad credit tips and guidelines for prime and subprime second mortgages with fico score and payment history requirements. Credit is a key factor in determining the interest rate, and size of the loan amounts for second mortgages. Paying your bills in a timely manner and never being reported late are essential to establishing a good credit history.

We will help you review brokers and lenders offering good and bad credit second mortgage programs that ensure secondary financing regardless of a fico score from Equifax, Trans Union or Experian. In 2018, most home equity lenders and banks have a minimum credit score for second mortgage qualification. Yes, there are credit score requirements for HELOCs as well.

2nd Mortgage Credit Tips to Qualify in 2018
. Pay your credit card payments on time.
. Don't max out your revolving accounts.
. Get collections paid.
. Establish credit with an auto loans or credit cards
. Clear up credit report discrepancies.
. Never be late on your mortgage payment.

Maintaining good credit scores is essential to ensure eligibility for second mortgage loans.

The lower your credit score, the more equity you will need in your home to qualify. Borrowers who have had past bankruptcies or bad debt reported on their credit report may need to consider sub-prime home equity lending. BD Nationwide Mortgage offers credit tips for prime and sub-prime second mortgages considering fico scores and payment history.

We suggest that you always maintain good credit, because fico scores are required for most 2nd mortgage loans. The higher your credit score, the more options you will have available to you for refinancing debt or taking cash out.
Second Mortgage Credit Rating Analysis
720-800 Fico Score Excellent Credit
680-719 Fico Score Good-Excellent Credit
620-679 Fico Score Fair-Good Credit
580-619 Fico Score Poor-Fair Credit
500-579 Fico Score Poor Credit
Before making plans on how to spend the money you receive in the home equity loan, we strongly suggest that you get a pre-approval letter from a credible mortgage finance company that has a history of financing second mortgage products in the United States.


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