Purchase Money Second Mortgage

Sometimes people are able to achieve 100% home financing with purchase money second mortgages that are offered with fixed or variable rate second mortgage up to 100% combined loan to value. These are usually the 20% of the 80-20 no money down purchase loan equation. Purchase money 2nd mortgage loans are always closed concurrently with a purchase loan in first position. They are called "Purchase Money" because, they are loans allowed in lieu of a down payment when buying a home. Purchase loan options have dwindles in recent years, so check with BD Nationwide on no money down home loans and FHA mortgage opportunities. First Time Home buyers like purchase money mortgage loans because it enables them to spend the money they saved for a down payment, on new furniture or home improvements.

100% Purchase Money Second Mortgage (80-20):

0% down

95% Purchase Money Second Mortgage (80-15-5):

5% down

90% Purchase Money Second Mortgage (80-10-10):

10% down

purchase money
Key Steps of Purchase Money Second Mortgages

•  Loan Disclosures for 1st & 2nd Mortgage
•  Rate Lock Agreement for 1st & 2nd Mortgage
•  Appraisal- Value is established by an AVM or Licensed Appraiser
•  Underwriting Approval for 1st & 2nd Mortgage
•  Document Signing with Notary for 1st & 2nd Mortgage
•  Loan Funding- Escrow disperses funds, and you own your home




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