Refinance with No Closing Costs
Save Money by Refinancing with No Lender Fees

As lenders compete for your business, many homeowners qualify for no cost refinancing. Getting approved for a no fee refinance loan can be challenging if you have less than perfect credit or no equity.  However at Nationwide, our lenders will consider all types of borrowers for no cost refinance mortgages. There is no sense in paying points and refinancing costs if you can qualify for a low rate refinance loan with no fees.

  • Qualify for a No Closing Cost Refinance
  • Get a Lower Rate without Raising Your Mortgage Balance
  • Refinancing with No Points or Origination Fees
  • Pay Nothing for an Appraisal, Title, Escrow or Funding
  • No Lender Fees When Refinancing with BD Nationwide

Nationwide has helping thousands of homeowners save money with no cost refinancing. Get a free loan quote with no obligation from an experienced Nationwide lender.

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Get Qualified Today for No Cost Refinancing with No Fees

BD Nationwide has helping thousands of homeowners save money with no cost refinancing. Get a free loan quote with no obligation from an experienced lender. It's no secret that our lending team specializes in no closing cost refinance loans and you will find that we take your financial goals seriously. We believe that every time we help a customer refinance is an opportunity for us to increase the borrower's cash flow and monthly savings.

Over the years, we established our niche with cash out refinancing and debt consolidation. Our lending team will guide you through the refinance process until your loan close. Ask about our No Cost Refinance program that is available for qualified borrowers. No closing cost refinance loans are available on many of our home refinancing programs, our team offers a free consultation that will show you how to refinance and maximize your monthly savings with the best refinance rates.

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With the exception of the HARP refinance, the no cost refinance has been the most requested loan online. The reason is simple; homeowners are savvier these days and the people who qualify want to make sure it worth their time to do a loan. Compare no cost refinancing between lenders and you will be pleasantly surprised with what BD Nationwide has to offer.

It's important to talk to a loan officer today because you will get a free analysis to help you figure out which loans you qualify for. It is also wise to get the current pricing as interest rates on no cost refinances are subject to change at any time.


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Use our online calculators for uncovering potential savings from no cost refinancing. These tools will help you determine whether you can afford an 15 or 30-Year term.

Refinance with No Costs

Client Testimonials

"We got great advice and wonderful customer service. Not only did we get a 4% fixed rate, but they helped us secure a refinance with no closing costs. We didn't have to pay for an appraisal, escrow, or anything. Thank you for helping us get this loan done!"
– J. Flanigan

Client Testimonials

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