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FHA mortgage lenders provide discount FHA refinance rates for fixed low rate refinancing with cash out with all types of credit. Nationwide is an experienced government lender who specializes in FHA mortgage refinancing for borrowers with good and bad credit seeking payment relief from our fixed rate solutions. FHA rates for refinancing have dropped to historic low levels, as the Federal Reserve continues to drop key interest rates in an effort to fight off the foreclosure epidemic that continues to hinder the U.S. economy.

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Nationwide offers three types of FHA mortgage loans, the rate and term refinance, secure refinance and the cash out refinance loan. The rate and term FHA loan allows borrowers to refinance their traditional, conventional or government mortgage into a fixed rate mortgage up to 97% loan to value. The Secure refinance is special rate and term FHA mortgage that the government has backed for a limited time for borrowers who currently have an ARM with a good loan payment history prior to the mortgage resetting to the adjustable rate index.

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The FHA cash out refinance loan is a first mortgage refinance that enables borrowers to refinance, consolidate debt and even get extra cash back when their refinance loan closes. Cash out refinancing is limited to 95% loan to value but that offers much more value than the subprime alternative that will carry a much higher rate with more closing costs and more equity requirements as well.

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Our mortgage company believes that homeowners will realize more value and save more money with FHA mortgage refinance loans than conventional and subprime home loan products. FHA mortgage loans have no pre-payment penalties and HUD even offers a unique rate and term loan for existing FHA loans, called a streamline. With the FHA mortgage rate fell below the 4% threshold on 30-year terms causing application volumes to sky-rocket nationally.

FHA mortgage refinancing is available to all homeowners who meet the lending criteria set forth by the Housing of Urban Development (HUD). FHA mortgage loan limits were recently increased to loan amounts ranging from $300,000 to $729,750, depending upon the region your property is located in. Economic experts suggest that current rates on FHA mortgage refinancing may be at the lowest point of interest for the next decade. In an effort to curb foreclosures, the Fed has lowered key interest rates again.

Our FHA mortgage lenders are in a position to offer deeper discounts with lower interest rates across the board for 15 and 30-year amortizations schedules. These fixed mortgage rates offer a hedge against inflation because even if the economy tanks and the interest rates spike, you are protected with government insured fixed FHA loans. With FHA mortgage rates dropping again to their lowest levels in 5 years, do your family a favor and refinance into a fixed rate 30 year loan.

Podcast: Mortgage Refinance Talk

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Nationwide Mortgage Loans' spoke to PR Web recently about the positive impact the new FHA mortgage limitations that will have with consumers who have not been able to refinance out of their adjustable rate loan recently because their existing home loan was greater than the loan limits that FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac set forth for conforming loans.



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Mortgage Refinance News
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