How to Get a 40 Year Mortgage Refinance with a Fixed Interest Rate

BD Nationwide offers a path for homeowners seeking affordable refinancing to meet 40-year mortgage lenders that advertise low fixed rate payments options. Needless to say, it is difficult to locate banks and lenders offering the 40-year mortgage refinance programs today.

Refinancing into a 40-year mortgage reduces the monthly payment when compared to a 30-year loan. Forty-year loan payments are similar to an interest only payment, but with the 40-year mortgage term borrowers are paying towards the principal balance each month.

You can choose between fixed rate mortgages and payment option mortgage with pick a payment loan options, or negative amortization loans for all types of credit. If you want more purchase power or to achieve lower payments, then talk to your loan officer about the 40-year refinance mortgage that stretches the term to minimize the monthly payments.

Learn How to Lower Your Housing Expenses with an Affordable Fixed Rate 40-Year Mortgage Loan

Select the right home mortgage: Conventional, jumbo, FHA & VA streamline, option arm, negative amortization, and non-conforming subprime mortgages for refinancing regardless of your fico score or poor credit history.

Refinance Your 1st and 2nd Mortgage together for one low payment with no mortgage insurance required. FHA does not offer 40-year mortgage terms at this point. If you are interested in this type of government loan, then check out FHA mortgage rates for 30-years.

40 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

•580 Fico Scores OK
•Fixed Rate Payment Option
•Get Money to Consolidate Debt
•40-Year Jumbo Loans!
•Conventional or Non-Conforming Loan
•40-Year Mortgage Rates

Do 40 Year Mortgage Lenders Ensure the Lowest Monthly Payments Today?

A $295,000 at 6.25% comes out to $1,816 a month on a 30-year amortization, for instance. But with the same rate, the principal &interest payment is reduced to $1,675 on a 40-year amortization. The payment is lower and there’s no increase to the interest rate or the fees. Extending the term of the mortgage from 30 to 40 years reduces your monthly payment and, in some cases, the reduced debt to income ratio allows you to get approved for a bigger loan amount.

• Affordable Home Loan Terms
• Alternative Refinancing Solutions

Whether you have good or bad credit, we have non-prime home loans that may meet your needs. BD Nationwide can introduce you to 40-year mortgage lenders that offer both prime and non-qualified mortgage programs with forty-year mortgage terms, so discuss your eligibility with a loan officer.

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Consolidate your debts and existing high-rate line of credit with a fixed rate mortgage amortized over forty-years. Refinance your existing 2nd mortgage loan and your current 1st mortgage with one low rate fixed rate mortgage.

Consolidate your mortgages, loans and credit card debt into one low monthly payment now! Find out if a 30 or 40-year mortgage from highly rated lenders can help consolidate your debt into one low monthly payment saving you thousands of dollars a year by eliminating the compounding interest.