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The current FHA mortgage rates remain near record lows so meeting FHA approved companies is the next step. We can introduce you to government lenders that advertise affordable 15 and 30-year FHA mortgage rates for fixed rate insurance and guaranteed affordability. The Federal Housing Administration insures affordable FHA mortgage programs for people with all types of credit and income in all 50 states of the U.S. The time is right to lock into a record low FHA mortgage rate whether you are refinancing or buying a home. We anticipate that interest rates on FHA mortgages will remain competitively priced when compared to other government programs in 2020.

Did you know that in most cases that FHA rates are every bit as low as bank interest rates backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac? Borrowers trust FHA interest rates year after year because they are competitive, and the streamline enables borrowers to refinance if the current FHA rates fall below the rate in which their loan is locked. The FHA mortgage is very popular for refinancing, first time home financing and home rehabilitation. BD Nationwide's lending team publishes FHA interest rates today on the blog on a daily basis. We are proud to offer the lowest fixed FHA mortgage rates online for 3/1, 5/1, 15 and 30-year loan terms. FHA mortgage interest rates are still low, so get more info now.


Check on Current FHA Interest Rates for Home Buying, Mortgage Refinancing, Cash Out and More!

The FHA interest rate today on a fixed 30-year mortgage has reached its lowest point of this generation. The fixed 15-year FHA rates have never been more attractive. Another popular low entry payment plan is that FHA 5-1 ARM because the rate is less than the 30-year option. The 5-1 ARM is a hybrid loan in which the interest rate is fixed for the first 60 months of term before adjusting. Many first-time home buyers choose this option because the payments are low, and it gives them five years before they refinance or move.

Interest rates for FHA mortgages have dropped dramatically over the last few years. Once HUD released the news about the FHA loan limits increasing to $729,750 in high cost areas like California, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia, borrowers throughout the country are rushing to refinance their ARM's into a low fixed rate mortgage that works with their budgets. It's no secret that today's FHA mortgage rates won't last forever, so take a minute and complete the form below. One of our loan officers that have experience with FHA financing solutions will follow up with you shortly thereafter.

FHA Rates
The Department of Housing and Urban Development insures that FHA mortgage rates are as affordable as private money lending. Choose FHA rates from several term options.

Today's FHA mortgage rates remain at record lows and borrowers nationwide are blessed with a unique opportunity to save money with government home financing. With most economists predicting an interest rate hike on the horizon, the time is now to get locked into the best fixed FHA rate since the Federal Housing Administration was founded in 1934.

With FHA rates continuing to set new record for the lowest government interest rates ever, we have noticed a surge in loan applications. After a series of mortgage rate cuts, the Federal Reserve has made a commitment to assist in foreclosure prevention and aid the economy's road to recovery with a trend of low interest rates. The mortgage rates for FHA refinancing have declined to record low levels. Nationwide continues to provide premium refinance options with discounted low interest rates for cash out, rate and term or purchase money loans. Borrowers also like FHA mortgage loans because they accept good and bad credit scores and homeowners can consolidate their debts and refinance up to 85%.

The maximum term for FHA mortgages is 30-years /360 months) If you are interested in going beyond 30-years, then you will have to contact 40-year mortgage lenders.

FHA mortgage lenders

FHA Mortgage Rates Today Remain Near Record-Lows on Fifteen and Thirty-Year Home Loans

Competitive FHA Mortgage Rates Today Offer Low Payments
that Save More Money !

We provide a path to shop for low rate FHA mortgage loans for fixed rate refinancing. Consumers want more refinancing options with discounted mortgage rates that provide more affordable monthly payments. Get assistance and get up to speed on unique HUD-backed loans:

  • Fixed Rate FHA Home Mortgages
  • Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing
  • FHA Streamline Rate Reduction
  • Rate and Term Refinance to 96.5%
  • Fixed FHA Home Loan Rates
  • 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates
  • 15 Year Fixed Rate Refinancing
  • 3-1 ARM Refinancing Rates
  • 5-1 ARM Refinancing Rates
  • Competitive Low Interest Rates
  • Refinance & Pay off Chapter 13 BK
  • Low FHA rates for 1st time Buyers
  • Refinance Variable Interest Rates
  • Lowest FHA Interest Rates Online
  • What Is the Best FHA Mortgage Rate?

See Cutting Edge FHA Mortgage Programs

FHA Streamline Refinance: This is a popular choice for people who already have an FHA lien looking to get a lower interest rate. This is a great way for people to refinance without having to come out of pocket to pay for an appraisal.

FHA 203b: The standard FHA mortgage is called the 203 (b): This is a loan with a fixed interest rate and can be accessed for either home buying or refinancing 1 to 4-unit family dwellings.

FHA Condo Loans: The 203b can be used to finance a unit in a condominium. However, FHA has several specific requirements regarding the condominium project. ie., the condo must be part of a project with at least 2 units and at least 50% units must be deemed as owner-occupied residences.

Hybrid Loans: The Federal Housing Administration provides a few of different types of adjustable rate mortgages, including 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10-year ARM options. This are considered hybrid loans because the FHA rates are fixed for a set amount of years (ie. 3, 5, 7-years, etc.) before converting to a variable interest rate that adjusts based on the index and the margin.

Energy Efficient Loans: This FHA financing program enables borrowers to make improvements to existing and new construction properties to increase their energy efficiency.

FHA 203K Loan: This is a great option for a borrower that wants to finance home rehabilitation without any equity. The 203K enables qualified applicants to get money for specific rehabilitation measures up to 115% of the property's value.

FHA Mortgage

FHA mortgage loans have increased in popularity in recent years, especially with lower and middle-class home buyers (because there are FHA limits). They are the favorite mortgage type for first time home buyers mainly because FHA loan rates are low and they have fewer requirements and lower down payments (as little as 3.5%). FHA mortgages can only be purchased through approved FHA lenders, so you should make sure the lender you are talking to is approved for FHA lending in your state. There are still many low FHA mortgage rates available online and in local banks and mortgage companies. Comparing lenders online can help you find the best loan companies offering low rate FHA mortgage programs. First, you want to look for lenders that have experience with government loans.

How to Compare the Best FHA Mortgage Lenders Online

Approved Government lenders write FHA mortgages that are backed by the federal government. This removes some of the risk from the mortgage company. When you look for FHA companies that have experience with government loans, you ensure that the company understands the process necessary for applying and receiving quotes for FHA rates. Comparing lenders online, you should be able to see the most experienced and best FHA lenders. Since the internet is all over the nation, make sure the lender you are talking to is approved for FHA lending in your state. Also, make sure your budget and target real estate area does not exceed FHA limits.

Please complete this simple form to receive a personalized rate request from Nationwide Mortgage Loans. Once you have completed this request for a FHA mortgage rate quote, your information will be sent to several FHA Mortgage Lenders who will then contact you, in an effort to win your loan business. Remember that FHA interest rates are subject to change, so get approved and lock your rate with an approved FHA lender.

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Compare FHA Mortgage Rates for Refinance or Purchase Loans

FHA Mortgage Rate

FHA interest rates continue to stimulate the housing sector with opportunities for affordable housing. With the Federal Reserve keeping key rates at nearly zero, millions of borrowers have benefitted from the lowest FHA mortgage rates in decades. Many homeowners are able to salvage their home by avoiding a foreclosure because refinancing with lower FHA rates saves those thousands of dollars a year.


Refinance Tools

ARM vs. Fixed Rate Calculator
How does a fixed rate FHA mortgage compare to a hybrid loan, like a 1-1, 3-1, 5-1, 7-1 or 10-1 ARM?

It is very important to discuss your FHA mortgage eligibility with a loan officer as the guidelines for refinancing and first time home buyer programs have seen many changes. FHA Rates are still at record lows, so take a moment and calculate several payments with our mortgage calculators.

Best Time for a Mortgage Refinance - It is very difficult to lock a FHA interest rate at the lowest point on a graph, but if you get a loan that save you money without increasing the balance on your 1st lien, you can always refinance again if the market yields new opportunities for lower payments.

Learn How to Refinance a Mortgage - We have hired a staff of experienced professionals that will walk you through the refinancing process. Compare conventional and FHA mortgage programs to decide which loan is best for your needs.

When to Refinance a Home
Timing the bond markets are as easy as timing the stock market, so focus more on securing a loan that minimizes the interest you pay.

Find the best FHA Mortgage Loan Option in your state

Consumer Guide -Rate Locks

Interest Rate Disclosure:
The sample rate referenced on this website was for a $250,000 at 3.25% is $1,088.02. This example of a FHA rate would require $995 paid at closing. The APR on this proposed loan is 3.34%

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Conventional & FHA Mortgage Rates Drop

A few years back, HUD announced that FHA Secure refinancing will no longer be offered, but the new FHA Hope for Homeowners program is expected to be popular like a loan modification that also prevents foreclosure. FHA interest rates continue to rival conventional mortgage rates, but the government loan program is more flexible for refinance and home buying transactions. Today millions of Americans continue to benefits from reduced closing costs and affordable FHA mortgage rates.

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My wife and I had some credit blemishes being reported that caused several banks to reject our application BD Nationwide helped us find a company that helped us buy our first house with a FHA mortgage. We qualified for a very low fixed interest rate and we are happy! - Daryl G., Los Angeles, CA

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