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Nationwide offers online mortgage approvals for purchase, refinance, second mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit for home buying, cash out and consolidating debt. The internet has proven itself to be the fastest growing source of lending information and a leader in the mortgage arena. That's why Nationwide is dedicated to being the premiere site for helping clients find the best online mortgage loan. FHA mortgage options continue to be the #1 requested home loan online.

Tips for Completing an Application for an Online Mortgage

  1. Make sure the loan application is secure. Look for the SSL certificate.
  2. Compare rates with lenders online that have solid reputation for great rates and service.
  3. Consider multiple loan types. (ie. Compare conventional and FHA loan programs)

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U.S. Borrowers Cashing Out Refinance Transactions Dropping

A few years ago, Freddie Mac reported that cash financing was at its highest level in 15 years. In 2011 as the trend for higher interest rates presented itself, the purchase market shifted into high gear. Online mortgage requests continue to see dramatic increases each year as more and more borrowers are reporting positive results from financing on the internet.

Freddie Mac said that 88% of loans it owns that were refinanced in the first quarter resulted in new mortgages with home loan amounts that increased at least 5% from their original mortgage balance. This is a sign of borrowers' financing closing costs from a refinance loan, as well as borrowers taking money out for debt consolidation and home remodeling.

In 2005, Freddie Mac reported that cash out refinance transactions pumped in almost $170 billion into the economy.  The mortgage giant reported that last year the amount of money that borrower took out less than 20% of the peak level just five years ago.

Purchasing the home of your dreams may be more possible than you thought.  4 out 5 applicants are approved for a New Home Loan.  Purchasing a home doesn't have to be complicated. Let us help you determine the best type of loan for your specific needs. Whether you're buying your first home or a veteran of home buying, Nationwide Mortgage Loans has the home loan programs and experienced staff to help you.


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