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Homeowners living in Hawaii are offered discount home equity loans & fixed rate second mortgages for cash out and high debt refinancing Hawaiian homeowners can take advantage of discounted home equity and mortgage refinance loans offering cash out for good & bad credit.

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BD Nationwide will introduce you to mortgage lenders that specializes in 100% home refinancing, HELOCs and home equity loans in Hawaii for home remodeling, investing and consolidating credit card debt and loans that have higher interest rates.

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• Refinance with a Fixed Rate Mortgages
• Home Equity Loans to 100%
• Hawaii Jumbo Home Loans to $5,000,000
• Equity loans for Debt Consolidation 
• Tax Deductible Second Mortgages
• 2nd Mortgage for Construction
• Low Rate Interest Only HELOC’s
• 2nd Home Purchase Loans

Consider financing some home improvements such as room additions, kitchen remodeling, and adding new pools, roofs, or landscaping can greatly increase the value of your house. Not only that, they improve both the comfort and aesthetics of your home! You could even cash out and use the funds to finance education or take that much-needed family vacation. The choice is yours, and we are here to help!

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Our HELOCS and equity loans are considered second mortgages and will be a loan in addition to the mortgage you already have. Consider refinancing any revolving accounts that have variable interest rates with a fixed rate home equity loan that will maximize your monthly savings.

Local Tips From Hawaiian Mortgage Professionals: “Fixed rate home equity loans are where its at in 2024, because the fed raised HELOC rates so many times the last few years that fixed interest is in fact lower than adjustable rate credit lines. Do the math brother.” – M. Bush, Hawaiian Loan Officer at Hawaii Mortgage Company

BD Nationwide provides home equity loans for island homeowners with good and bad credit. Hawaiian residents can select fixed or variable interest rates when considering refinancing options.

Take advantage of today’s low interest rates, and consider a 2nd mortgage that allows you to keep your existing low rate 1st mortgage.

Hawaiian Borrowers Enjoy Low Fixed Rates for Home Equity Loans for Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Lanai and Molokai!