Florida Second Mortgage Loans

Florida Second Mortgage Loans

Compare Florida Lenders for Second Mortgage Loans

With home sales dipping slightly across the East Coast. It may be your last chance to take out a 2nd mortgage with fixed simple interest and pay off debt with a competitive mortgage rate. Florida homeowners are offered discounted second mortgage loans for cash out refinancing or purchase money to avoid PMI. We will help you find Nationwide brokers that provide Florida homeowners can take advantage of exclusive deals on lower interest rate second mortgages, 125% home equity loans, and no-cost equity lines of credit. Inquire about our premier condo financing featuring stated income loan options.

Uncover Exclusive 2nd Mortgage & Home Equity Credit Lines from Florida Brokers

We specialize in discount second mortgages that can help Florida residents with consolidating credit card debt and loans that have higher interest rates. Our 2nd mortgage loans and HELOC loans were designed so borrowers with less than perfect credit can find a solution to pay off debts or finance home improvements.

Compare our lenders with other Florida mortgage brokers. Ask about potential cash-out limitations and state APR restrictions. Second mortgage rates may vary depending upon rate type, CLTV, fico score and whether or not your loan is considered “stated income” or “full documentation.”

Cash Refinancing for Lower Rates, Debt Consolidation & Home Improvement Financing!

Florida 2nd Mortgage up to 100%: credit score requirements have tightened with 600 credit scores for 100% loans.

Loans 125%: If you are contemplating enhancing your energy efficiency with a solar energy system, you may qualify for a second mortgage that surpasses your home’s appraised value. Credit score prerequisites have become more stringent, with a requirement of 660 credit scores for no-equity loans, unless you boast a monthly residual income exceeding $4,000, in which case a 640 credit score would suffice.

Florida State Loan Update

Florida Home values have recently peaked at all-time highs, so tap the equity in your home before you risk declining equity and higher interest rates. There may have been no better time to get a Florida home loan then now.