How to Get a FHA Loan Qualification

When buying a home for the first time, or purchasing a home after selling your previous one, a FHA loan qualification can be an asset because they have credibility with most realtors and sellers. When purchasing a house after selling a home, can be home mortgages are an attractive option for prospective home buyers. An FHA home loan can allow a person to buy a home with a low down payment and reasonable interest rates, as well as obtain a mortgage that is protected by the federal government. Qualifying for an FHA home mortgage means that a person can obtain this home mortgage option and allow themselves all of the benefits that come along with it.

Find Out What You Need
for a FHA Loan Qualification:

  • Great Rates with FHA
  • Low Down-Payments
  • Bad Credit OK
  • No Cost to Shop Lenders
  • Gift Funds Allowed
FHA Loan Qualification

All FHA home mortgages require loan insurance to protect lenders in case the borrower may default on his or her loan. This insurance is primarily required for prospective home buyers who are paying an out of pocket down payment on their home that is less than 20%, which is what many FHA home mortgages offer. Also, the mortgage must be borrowed from an FHA approved lender to ensure that a person will be able to qualify for an FHA home mortgage. The FHA has many approved lenders in various areas across the country to ensure that prospective home buyers across the United States can acquire an FHA mortgage.

How to Get a FHA Home Loan Qualification

FHA home mortgages also have lending limits that will vary from state to state, and a person should always investigate what their FHA lending limit is before deciding to apply for an FHA home mortgage for the home of their choice. Also, debt to income ratios are taken into consideration when applying for an FHA loan, and those with lower debt to income ratios will be more likely to qualify. These ratios are considered to ensure that a person will be able to make the proper payments on their mortgage while still being able to pay for all of the costs incurred when owning a home.

A person's credit history will also be taken into account when trying to qualify for an FHA home mortgage, and those with high credit scores and a history of timely payments are most likely to qualify and be approved. There are still a handful of companies that offer poor credit FHA loans in 2018, so make sure to do research before giving up on a loan because of something like a credit score. However, FHA home mortgages are not exclusive to those with excellent credit, and these home mortgages are often the most commonly sought by those who may have a lower credit score. Should a person have a blemish on their credit history, depending on the situation, they may have to wait for a certain period of time before being able to qualify.

How to Qualify For a FHA Mortgage Loan With Low Credit Scores

Qualifying for an FHA mortgage loan might be one of the best things you ever do if you wish to own your own home. However, many people are concerned that they might not be able to qualify for FHA loans due to their credit history. Luckily, FHA loans for poor credit scores are available! Let’s learn all about the FHA mortgage for people with bad credit.

  • Submit a Letter that Reasonably Explains Your Hardship
  • Provide Documentation that Demonstrates an Increase in Income
  • Supply Info that Supports Your Claim that Your Past Credit Problems Were Isolated


FHA Loan Qualification

Learn how to get a FHA loan qualification quickly and easily. We can help you review lenders, and compare rates for free with no further obligation.

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FHA Loan Qualification

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