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See Reduced Rate Mortgages for First Time Home Buyers in Colorado and Experienced Rocky Mountain Homeowners

Discover great offers for reasonable interest rate locks on high LTV loans and no cost home equity lines of credit. Yes existing Colorado homeowners can benefit from exclusive loan offers with lowered interest rate incentives for borrowers that have been strapped with high LTV mortgage liens and home equity lines of credit that have adjustable rates and annual fees. Take advantage of today's low rates, and consider a 2nd mortgage that allows you to keep your existing low rate 1st mortgage. Our second mortgage loans will be a loan in addition to the mortgage you already have. We will help you uncover the few loan companies to offer prime loans for first time home buyers in Colorado.

BD Nationwide helps consumers shop offers for low rate loans to maximize your home financing without requiring any equity. It may be a good decision to consolidate your high-interest credit card bills and installment debts. In most cases your total monthly payments can be reduced substantially and may even be tax deductible. Take a moment and complete our secure form online and a professional loan officer will contact you promptly with a free loan assessment.

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Colorado residents can take advantage of monthly loan specials that are offered exclusively to homeowners residing in this region. Ask your designated loan broker about state specific guidelines and APR restrictions. Mortgages rates that can vary depending upon state, loan amount and credit score.

Years ago, the 125% mortgage allowed people to exceed the value of their property. If you planned on staying at your home for a few years, then consolidating your high interest credit card debt with a 125% no equity home loan made financial sense because you stood to save money monthly simply by eliminating the revolving interest of your debt. The guidelines on equity loans have changes and the advertising laws online as well, so talk to a licensed loan officer in your region today to get current information that would be relevant to your specific needs.

Do you live in Colorado and want to access the equity in your home to pay off other debts or improve the look and feel of your home? Yes Colorado mortgage rates remain near the lowest recorded levels so considering a 2nd mortgage or HELOC are excellent options. If your 1st loan rate is higher than what is being advertised on your television, then consider a refinance mortgage for your Colorado home.

Have you been waiting to add a room to your home, finally take that family vacation, or consolidate those high-interest credit cards? The time is now! Interest rates are still low, and you can take the equity in your home to pay down high-interest debts, fund home improvement projects, or finance your child's education.

Our primary goal at Nationwide Mortgage Loan Company is to offer the best financing options for homeowners. Since we have cultivated strong relationships with lenders throughout the country, we can help you find the best loan for your unique needs! Apply for a free, no-obligation Colorado Second Mortgage today!

Did you know that Colorado ranks 2nd in the nation for
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans?

Colorado ranked second in the nation using mortgages with adjustable rates, which allow borrowers to qualify for a larger loan than they would with a fixed-rate loan but also require higher monthly payments if mortgage rates increase, the FDIC report said. Interest-only mortgages, on which borrowers make only interest payments until the loan is refinanced in three, five or seven years, also are widespread in Colorado and the Springs, according to data compiled by San Francisco based Loan Performance, a unit of First American Corp. Experts say these loans encourage some people to buy a more expensive home than they otherwise would.

Interest-only loans accounted for 37.7 percent of mortgages and 43.9 percent of mortgages made to buy homes in the first seven months of the year in the Colorado Springs area. Statewide, such loans accounted for nearly 40 percent of mortgages made during the same period; nationwide, they accounted for 23.1 percent of loans.

Those who made more than their state's median income - $40,044 for an individual or $54,187 for a couple in Colorado - during the previous six months might not be eligible to file Chapter 7, which wipes out most debt. If they can pay at least $100 a month toward debts after certain expenses are deducted, they'll be required to file under Chapter 13, which requires some repayment.

Colorado State Loan Update

Colorado Home Mortgage Overview - Property values in Colorado have recently reached all-time highs, so tap the equity in your home before you risk losing the equity in your home.

Denver Home Mortgage Update -With home sales dipping slightly across the states surrounding the Rocky Mountains. It may be your last chance to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage or take out a fixed second mortgage at a competitive home equity rates.

Are your Home Equity Credit Line Interest Rates Rising? - Lock the rate of your variable HELOC and get a fixed payment and fixed term equity loan. Get Local Terms and Updated Home Equity Rates - CO

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