FHA Mortgage for Bad Credit History

Like, fine wine, over the years people continue to trust FHA as a solution on a mortgage for a bad credit history. Let you past go and consider FHA for bad credit home loans. With a minimum fico score of only 500, the Federal Housing Administration has made it clear that they are still serious about helping people with credit issues. Even with a past bankruptcy, foreclosure or short-sale, FHA extends people home loans with a bad credit history. The era for high rates on subprime loans has passed, as FHA guarantees competitive interest rates with no excessive penalties for refinancing or paying off early. Learn more about FHA mortgages and bad credit when you talk to multiple lenders about eligibility, pricing and much more.

Find FHA Mortgages for Bad Credit Ratings with No Obligation or Fees to Apply Online

Bad Credit FHA Mortgage

After you submit your request for more info above, several lenders will contact you in an effort to discuss your goals and qualification. There is no obligation and we never charge anything for connecting you with America's top FHA mortgage lenders. If you have a ow fico score, we suggest that you find out if you meet the eligibility rules for this 500-credit-score mortgage.

You owe it to yourself to find out 2 things: First, whether or not you qualify for a FHA loan with a low down-payment. Second, what the terms of FHA mortgages are. At this point you can make an educated decision on whether an FHA insured mortgage would benefit you. Apply for a FHA Loan with $0 Fees

  • Affordable Interest Rates on FHA Home Mortgages
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties or Excessive Origination Fees
  • No Cost Options for FHA Home Buying and Refinance Loans
  • Multiple FHA Mortgage for People with Bad Credit Scores

FHA Mortgage Credit

Consider FHA for bad credit loans. If you can document a history of timely loan payments since the derogatory credit occurred, you may be eligible for a poor credit FHA mortgage. Discuss your income sources and compensating factors with loan officers when reviewing your eligibility. HUD recently approved a measure to ease guidelines for people financing with FHA. In the past borrowers were required to wait 3 years after a bankruptcy or foreclosure, but now after 1 year they are eligible for several FHA mortgages for people with bad credit ratings.

Why Do FHA Mortgage Programs Have Such Reasonable Requirements for People with Limited Credit, Late Payments and No Mortgage History?

Did you know that a FHA mortgage for bad credit is federally insured and backed by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development? This means that the government takes on a significant portion of the risk involved in a buyer's loan, making it more attractive to lenders. Even if you secure an FHA mortgage with bad credit and have difficulty making your payment on time in the future, that doesn't necessarily mean you will lose your house. Many times, FHA underwriters have approved a mortgage with a bad credit history and they contain provisions that could help you in case you have trouble with payments:

-- Lenders might agree to extend the length of your loan so the monthly costs will go down.
-- Finance sources may provide you with a period of 1, 2 or 3 months of deferred payment.
-- Mortgage companies could agree to eliminate the interest associated with some portion of your loan.

All these factors and more go into making FHA mortgages with bad credit valuable for both buyers and lenders.

Need money but don't want to refinance? Ask about HELOC Loans for Bad Credit.

What Are the Major Requirements to Qualify for Mortgages Insured by the FHA?

The minimum FICO score requirement is only 500, so this puts it within reach of many people. Borrowers may be eligible for an FHA loan 12 months after a bankruptcy has been discharged. Even if you have had severe problems in the past, your present is what counts! The Department of Housing and Urban Development firmly back the FHA insuring a bad credit mortgage for people with a poor credit history as long as they have redeeming qualities to ensure they don't default. Ask any broker or lender than has been in the industry for a long time about FHA and they'll all concur that they offer the best loan for first time home buyers with bad credit.

In terms of down payment, 3.5% is standard under FHA mortgages for bad credit. If you have had some financial troubles in the past, the amount of your down payment may be increased to 5% or somewhat more. While this leads to more costs up front, it also reduces the amount you have to finance.

Refinancing Standards with FHA: If you don't already have a government insured loan and want to refinance into a federally backed loan by FHA, you only need 3.5% equity. If you already have an FHA mortgage with bad credit you don't need any equity if you choose the FHA streamline. See More FHA Mortgage Refinance Options.

What Lenders Are Saying About Using FHA for Bad Credit Home Loans

"FHA has paved a road for first time home buyers and people seeking mortgages with bad credit." M. Witmoore, Pinnacle Lending, La Jolla, California.

"No other government agency puts more on the line for Americans. FHA mortgages keep hope alive for people with poor credit." – T. Stephens, American Mortgage Network in Houston, Texas.

"It's no secret that FHA saved the mortgage industry in 2007. They put it all the line and insured FHA mortgages for people with bad credit. They extended loans for sub-prime borrowers when Americans needed it." – J. Peugeot, Countrywide Home Loans, Los Angeles, California.

"Who else would even consider people with credit scores below 600. Thank God for FHA." – B. Daniels, Quick Loans in Raleigh, North Carolina


FHA in the News

Congress Debates Mortgage Reform: According to the House findings in regards to the projected FHA losses over the next 30 years could be much higher than originally estimated. This revised forecast has many critics concerned about the likelihood of another government bailout for the government program. Are bad credit FHA mortgage initiatives the culprit we should be blaming? Has the Department of Housing and Urban Development overreached with their mortgage for people with a bad credit history or are they just the scape goat for an ailing economy?

Government Considers Adjustments to Bolster FHA Reserves: The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee revealed that estimated the FHA could suffer losses as high as $115 billion. Currently, Federal law requires the FHA to keep enough reserves to cover the forecasted losses or to accept a government bailout if it cannot. Congress has pledged their commitment to the housing industry and FHA will surely be needed to bridge the gap between renting and home buying.

Will Next President Push for Raised Loan Limits on FHA Mortgages in 2017?
With government mortgage reserves low, it is unlikely that Congress will pass a bill for raised loan limits because that increases the risk even further. However there has been talk of down-payment assistance coming back to FHA programs and additional FHA loans for people with a bad credit history.

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