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Laguna Niguel not suffering from the rising interest rates of earlier this year.
Average home prices held their own, actually inching up 1.8% August’s average home price in the area checking in at $650,000.

Home sales have improved as well. August sales up 10 points and some economists think the falling mortgage rates have helped Laguna Niguel homeowners.


Laguna Niguel Waiting for Home Sales Frenzy as Equity Loan Rates Drop Again
By Nick Rian

"Laguna Niguel Real Estate is still holding strong as their was a slight price correction in the area many local economists feel that we have bottomed out and are in a "Normal" market now with expected appreciation to remain a consistent 5-6%," says realtor Frankie Bastek. "Although you may see some home prices lower than others due to their motivation, don't that that fool you. We are now feeling some relief as the Fed's finally eased up on the interest rate hikes as they too feel that we have reached a balanced market."

The Federal Reserve has hiked the prime interest rate almost one point since January. Mortgage rates climbed right alongside the heavy prime, but rates started to drop in July, and some think lower rates will bring buyers out of the woodwork.

"If and when interest rates notch down much more, we are going to see a huge surge in Mortgage advertising again," says one realtor. "The effect this will have is to start the sideline buyers into the market. This will be the "Big Signal" that they have been waiting for. A significant piece of information is that even though inventory on market has been up all year that it is starting to slowly dwindle. This means a constant decrease in supply. Only a little economic incentive boost will be required to drive the sideline buyers to flood the market. There are many people angry that they missed the first round of the buying frenzy."

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Orange County Home Loans The job growth in Orange County has helped keep property values high for years, but home sales from Laguna Beach to Santa Ana seem to have leveled off. House sales in Tustin, Fullerton and Mission Viejo may have actually dipped.

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