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Bad credit borrowers should consider hard money loans with our private money lenders that offer mortgage refinancing, cash out and consolidation. Sometimes in life situations arise that we cannot control and bills aren't paid on time and credit scores drop when you need them most. With BD Nationwide Mortgage we enable you to talk directly to our hard money lenders so that you will get the "straight scoop."

If you have several reported late payments on your mortgage, then most conventional lenders will not approve you for cash out refinance or equity loan. Hard money equity loans are needed when credit scores drop in the low 500 range. Whether you need a "bad credit mortgage" or hard money lending, Nationwide provides several alternative financing solutions.

We will help you meet private money lenders that offer hard money loans and credit lines with short-term or extended term financing for investment, home construction, debt consolidation and bad credit refinancing. Choose from spec loans, lot loans bridge loans and many more non-conforming programs as well.

According to the Administrative Office of the Courts, 2,078,415 bankruptcies were filed last year--the largest number of bankruptcy petitions in the history of the federal courts.

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Do you need cash but currently have credit scores below 500?
Find out how much you can save each year by refinancing debt and converting the revolving interest into a fixed simple interest equity loan that will save you money. Home Loans with No Credit Check Now.

Are you seeking some debt relief with lower payments from eliminating compounding interest? Nationwide Mortgage Loans provides home equity solutions to savvy borrowers looking to consolidate loans and pay off revolving credit cards.

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Cash Out and Hard Money Loan Opportunities:
Many banks talk about offering equity loans for cash back but unless you have high credit scores it's usually a long shot. That's why hard money equity loans make a lot more sense for people who do not have great credit scores, Hard money loans have helped millions of people realize their financial goals by helping them tap their equity with cash out.

However, hard money is not for everyone. You'll have enough equity to qualify for a hard money refinance, and not everyone will be able to do so. There are a few things that will factor into qualifying for these types of loans, including things like your income, debt to income ratio, credit history, and more. For a hard money equity loan, the most important factor of course is your home equity.

Hard Money Equity Loans: Understanding Bad Credit Loan Consolidation
By: Mary Stasiewicz

Hard money equity loans in the prevailing market are loans at a premium mortgage rate to the borrower in exchange for a "no red tape" 2nd mortgage loan. The lendee for whatever purpose they chose so long as the equity in the property or collateral provided is sufficient to cover the loan may use the money.

The term hard money loan initially meant a loan for hard cash. Today the term has been enhanced to cover loans for non-conventional loans such as investments, private funded loans, home equity loans and equity line of credit loans. Now it is possible to refinance your primary mortgage to get cash, consolidate debt and purchase investment properties instead of a taking out a purchase loan as a non-owner occupied investment property.

A maximum loan on property owned by the borrower is called a cash out loan. The borrower has a loan to value, which means the loan on the property, or collateral used is equal to the value of the property or collateral used to secure the loan. This type of loan has a higher interest rate than the "A paper" home equity loan that has a fixed rate around prime.

A home equity loan is one type of loan available for a hard-money loan. The Payment option negative ARM is another good 1st mortgage for investment properties if the borrower is looking for a short-term loan or if being self-employed has created some cash flow concerns.

  • A clear precise description of the property
  • Home Title to collateral
  • Borrower must show expertise in the field the loan will be used in
  • Mortgagor must accept all lender terms unconditionally

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