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Washington homeowners are offered special home equity incentives with low interest second mortgage loans. Nationwide Mortgage Loans extends residents in Washington fixed rate second mortgages, 125% home equity loans, cash out refinancing, and lines of credit for financing home improvement projects and debt consolidation.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans & Interest Only HELOC Credit Lines

Washington residents can qualify for unique 2nd mortgage loans with good and bad credit scores depending upon the debt to income ratios and loan to values.
2nd Mortgage Volume is up over 7% in 2024 for stand-alone 2nd mortgages in Washington
  • Competitive 2nd mortgage rates
  • 100% programs available
  • No PMI or Mortgage Insurance Required
  • Loans for all credit types
  • “Stated Income” for self-employed
  • No Pre-Pay option for Washington Residents
  • Combine all mortgages together
  • 1st Time Homebuyers are allowed
Local Tips From The Underwriting Mortgage Pros: – WA
Did you know that you can qualify for a zero down loan and not have perfect credit? Many subprime lenders are offering programs for first time homebuyers and the traditional 20% down is not required. – K. Hinkley, Washington Mortgage Broker at WA Home Equity inc.
Washington homeowners can take advantage of monthly loan specials that are offered exclusively to homeowners residing in the Pacific North-West. Ask your mortgage broker about state specific guidelines, pre-payment penalties, interest rate lock agreement and APR restrictions. Mortgages rates that can vary depending upon state, loan amount and credit score.
Nationwide lenders help Washington homeowners consolidate credit card debt and loans that have higher interest rates. We provide qualified applicants affordable 2nd mortgages for multi-purposes in refinancing or purchase transactions.
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“Thanks to your team at Nationwide for their professional advice and friendly approach in helping us consolidate our bills & loans with one of your second mortgages. Thanks for showing me another solution to refinancing my first mortgage. Your good efforts and loan helped save us money! We can now rest assured that we got the best deal! Thanks for everything!” C. Jensen – Tacoma, WA
Washington State Loan Updates
Like most of the Pacific North West, Washington has experienced reduced sale prices for homes that closed escrow in 2007. Overview for WA State Mortgages
Are your Home Equity Credit Line Interest Rates Rising? Find out if you can save money with a fixed rate. State Home Equity Rates – WA
Application volumes for second mortgages in Washington have surged, particularly in cities such as Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, Everett, Kent, and Bellingham. Seattle, in particular, has seen a notable uptick, with more consumers opting for home equity loans. These second liens have gained increased popularity due to their flexibility, providing homeowners with access to their property’s equity whenever needed. Options range from variable credit lines to fixed-rate installment loans. Check the Local Home Equity Rates for Seattle, WA
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State Facts: Washington
Homeownership rate 64.6%
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Washington Housing Market “Strong”?
Mixed signals from the Washington State housing market. Statewide home sales dropped 12.5% from the first to second quarter of 2006.
But the median sales price has jumped almost 15%. The climbing prime interest rate has most likely caused the slowing sales market.
The Federal Reserve usually raises the interest rate to fight inflation say some analysts. In some markets, a higher interest rate and slowing sales have forced homeowners to slash prices.
There was an increase in home equity and second mortgage loan applications, while refinance applications were down.
But a quick look at the Washington State figures and seems homeowners have done the opposite. The Washington Center for Real Estate Research reports the median sales price in the state has jumped from $280,200 to $293,000 during the first two quarters. Even as the prime interest rate has climbed almost one point during the same period. Every borrower who has a line of credit or an adjustable rate second mortgage is affected by the Fed raising this rate. Each time the Fed increases the rate, these second mortgage payments go up as well.
Research center director Glenn Crellin at Washington State University, said that, “While some parts of the country are reporting substantially fewer sales and significantly increased inventories of homes available for sale, here in Washington the market is flat and inventories are very modestly improved. The market remains very strong.”
Washington State’s so-called strong market could result from less new construction. One report shows the major metropolitan areas already congested with homes, slowing new home construction and forcing home seekers to purchase pre-existing homes. Higher interest rates also affect builder loans. In Washington State’s case, less new construction and higher home prices could keep their market in favor of the seller.