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It is no secret that rates for home buying and refinancing in Washington are at record lows, but finance programs this affordable will not last forever. Our Washington mortgage lenders provide local incentives for low rate refinance, FHA home loans with fixed rate offers.

Washington homeowners enjoy discounted mortgage rates when opting for adjustable refinancing and home equity loans, often featuring reduced or no-cost loan options. Borrowers are consistently choosing fixed-rate mortgages, securing stable payments and interest rates. Various financing options, including FHA, VA, conforming, and home equity loans, cater exclusively to Pacific Northwest residents. The trend among Washington homeowners leans toward fixed-rate home financing, with residents capitalizing on exclusive incentives available to qualified individuals in the state.

Low Rate Home Loan Offers from Top Washington Mortgage Lenders

Since the subprime mortgage crash a few years ago, FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac sponsored mortgage loans have been all the rage for borrowers who need a low rate refinance. Jumbo home mortgage have been difficult to find for borrowers residing in Washington, Oregon and California. Washington loan limits have finally been approved with increases from $271,050 to $567,500. Get more info and current pricing from our Washington Mortgage Lenders now.

Nationwide lenders offer a variety of Washington mortgage programs such as, home purchase loans, home equity mortgages, high LTV refinances and debt consolidation loans with fixed interest rates for homeowners.

  • Stated Income, No Assets/No Reserves to 95% (Home Purchase or Refinance)
  • Full Document Refinancing for Fico Scores 525 – 600
  • 100% One Mortgage, Full Documentation up to $600,000 in WA (Purchase and Refinancing)
  • Full Doc Non-Owner-Occupied properties
  • Competitive Washington Mortgage Mortgage Rates
  • USDA Home Loans with No Money Down

Many Washington homeowners are finding better ways to consolidate their credit card debt by refinancing their existing loan or taking out a 2nd mortgage.

Local Tips From The Underwriting Mortgage Pros: Did you know that you can qualify for a zero down loan and not have perfect credit? Many subprime lenders are offering programs for first time homebuyers and the traditional 20% down is not required. – K. Hinkley, Washington Mortgage Broker at WA Home Equity inc.

What “points” and fees are associated with this loan and being charged? Find out if the fees are being charged to you up front when the loan closes or if these loan fees will be added to principal balance of the new loan. Remember that every point charged equates to (see lender) of the mortgage loan amount. Make sure you have evaluated the costs, interest rate and terms for the loan to determine if the loan offers you significant benefits like, lower monthly payments, reduced interest rates, etc.

Lending Assistance For Washington Consumers
State of Washington Advice for Predatory Lending – Online publication that explains what predatory lending is and how to spot a predatory loan.

Radio: Tips for Borrowing Wisely >>MP3 File – Financing advice from the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions that reminds you to borrow wisely. & Jeanie 60.mp3
WA State Facts: Washington Homeownership Rate 64.6%

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Facts from The Mortgage Broker Practices Act

“The legislature finds and declares that the brokering of residential real estate loans substantially affects the public interest. The practices of mortgage brokers and loan originators have had significant impact on the citizens of the state and the banking & real estate industries.” For more information, please visit