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VA Refinance and Discounted Home Loans

2nd Mortgage Volumes are up across the colonial states as families are looking for fixed rate loans & increased savings!

Virginia mortgage rates have helped revive the DC housing market with affordable VA refinance and home loans for local borrowers. Virginia residents may qualify for a low rate second mortgage loan or refinancing offers that can benefit significantly from reduced cost exclusive loans incentives each month.

Nationwide Mortgage Loans has extended their low interest rates guarantee statewide for fixed rate second mortgages to qualified borrowers residing in Virginia.

If you are you tired of drowning in high-interest credit card debt, then give us a call and we will help you lower your payments as quick as possible. Would you love to have the funds to take that dream vacation that you've always wanted? If you are a Virginia homeowner, you can access the equity in your home today.

Attention East Coast residents: Virginia home loans make more sense in 2010 because property values are starting to rebound. VA mortgage rates are still relatively low, so you can't afford to wait!
We are Virginia lenders that are excited to offer local residents new monthly loan specials that are offered exclusively to homeowners borrowing on their primary residence in the state of Virginia. Ask your mortgage broker about state specific limitations, interest rate lock guarantees, early termination fees and APR restrictions. 2nd mortgages rates can vary depending upon loan amount, amortization schedule and credit score. For FHA refinancing, make sure you consider the HUD maximum loan amounts. The 2010 FHA loans limits in Virginia have been set.

Refinance Adjustable Home Mortgages with Low Rate
Fixed Interest Loans!

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Free Appraisal Offer - Convert to Fixed Rate 2nd Mortgage

Lock into a Fixed Rate while the rates are still Low! If you currently have an adjustable rate 2nd mortgage or a home equity line of credit and you would like to fix the rate, now is the time to act. Nationwide is offering a Free Appraisals for converting your variable rate mortgage into a fixed rate second mortgage. No cost and no obligation. If you have been trying to refinance credit card debt, but have rejected by Virginia lenders because of low credit scores or no equity consider debt settlement.

For Free appraisal just complete this short form. Second Mortgage Form

VA Mortgage
for 1st Time Home Buyers

If you are a Virginia homeowner, you can access the equity in your home today with a cost-effective 2nd Mortgage from Nationwide Mortgage Loans!

Second Mortgage Loan Volumes Increase Across Virginia

Refinance with a Fixed Rate Mortgage

125% Home Equity Loan Rates

Mortgage Loan Consolidation

Tax Deductible Equity Loans

Refinance your debts into
one low monthly payment.
No PMI & No Mortgage Insurance

East coast home sales have been dipping slightly in 2007. Get the latest Virginia Home Equity Rates. Interest rates are still historically low, so you can't afford to wait!

Virginia State Loan Update

Virginia 1st Home Mortgages
Virginia Home values have recently peaked at all-time highs. Property values in cities like Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, Newport News, Arlington, Hampton, Alexandria, and Portsmouth have remained fairly steady.

VA-State Home Rate News
Richmond Mortgage Updates

Virginia Beach Home Loan Updates
Consider taking out a fixed second mortgage at a competitive home equity rates.

VA Home Loans to 100%

Are you ready to take advantage of the equity in your home to pay down high-interest debts or take out cash to finance make home improvements?

Local Tips From The Underwriting Mortgage Pros:
Did you know that you may be able to refinance your 2nd mortgage without refinancing your existing 1st mortgage? It is called subordination, and most lenders allow you to subordinate if your combined loan to value remains under 100%.- N Sullivan, Virginia Mortgage Broker at Chase Finance

Get a quick, no-obligation quote from Nationwide Mortgage Loans and get started on the path towards financial freedom! We can help you find the ideal Virginia Second Mortgage today!

Many Homeowners are cashing in with 2nd mortgages.

Mortgage broker Bryan Wilson says the rising popularity of the 2nd mortgage is rooted from Americans clinging to mortgages rates they secured during the recent "refi Boom" that saw record low rates. Consumers took advantage with 1st mortgages locking these low rates that are worth keeping. So now when these consumers need cash second mortgages have become appealing because they can keep their low rate first mortgage intact.

Second mortgage programs are becoming more popular with fixed rate loans or open end lines of credit. Ask Tim Sullivan if his second mortgage was a good idea. This resident of Virginia took out a loan secured by his home to fund his new business. After a few years Tim's business took off, and he was able to pay off his 2nd mortgage 13 years before it was due.

Virginia Home Tips: 20 things that Can Alter the Value of Your Home
Remember when you are house-hunting that it is important to be able to identify the things that increase the value of a home and those that actually detract. For example, a seller from, Virginia Beach and his real estate agent, tried convince a homebuyer that the noisy neighborhood was just part of life, residing in a beach community. Is this the case? Beach communities in Virginia and the east Coast in general have held their values, so there may be some validity to this claim.

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Client Testimonials

"The staff at Nationwide was helpful in getting me hooked up with a great home equity loan that helped me say good-bye to credit card debt!

My family is now saving $470 a month was still able to take out an additional $10k to make some repairs around the house. I will being telling my friends at work about your services!"
- B. Hayes, Norfolk, VA

Variable home equity rates could be on the rise at any moment. Call Nationwide today and lock into a fixed rate loan that can lower your monthly payments!

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