VA Streamline Refinance

VA streamline refinance loans provide 100% refinance options to borrowers who already have a veteran loan but are seeking VA refinancing for a lower interest rate. Veterans may qualify for a low rate VA streamline refinance mortgage with fixed rates and reduced loan costs. If you already have a VA loan and you need a lower interest rate, revised loan terms and you do not need cash out, then a VA streamline loan is most likely the best option to maximize a low interest rate with very little to pay in closing costs. Our lending partners pride themselves in providing superb service and record low rates on the VA streamline program.

Low Cost VA Refinancing with No Equity and No Appraisal Required


When VA refinancing, closing costs like title, escrow and processing are typically financed into loan so veterans don't have to come "out of pocket" to pay for the lending fees. The VA streamline loan guarantees discounted lending fees and in some cases veterans may qualify for a "no point no fee" refinance that increases the loan benefits even more.

Compare 100% VA Refinance Loans with Fixed Streamline Rates

VA streamline refinancing simplifies the loan process significantly because many times the appraisal requirement is waived or reduced to a URAR appraisal. Homeowners with existing VA loans can take advantage of improved interest rates when market conditions translate to lower mortgage rates. The Veterans Administration continues to promote this 100% refinance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Refinance Mortgage Under the VA Streamline

Do I need to use my certificate of eligibility to do the refinance?
No. You already used your certificate of eligibility to obtain your first VA loan. So you do not need to get that certificate again to do your refinance.

Do I need to use my current lender?
No. In fact, we recommend that you do not. You will find by shopping around that there may be different interest rates available for the same loan product. It will always pay to shop different lenders and compare rates.

Do I need to have an appraisal and credit check?
No, you do not need either. However, some VA approved lenders may want to run a credit check and appraisal on you to make sure you are still financially stable. They also may want to see that the house is worth what they are loaning you.

Do I have to be eligible for a lower interest rate to qualify for a streamline refinance?
Not in many cases. If you are going from a fixed rate mortgage to another fixed rate mortgage, the VA will require that the new loan have a lower rate. But if you are going from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage, you may refinance at a higher interest rate.

Can I use this refinance program for an investment property?
Yes it can be for an investment property. However, you must certify that you did occupy the home as your primary residence previously. If you have a VA loan and want to save money, there is really nothing better than getting a VA Streamline Refinance Loan. This program is very easy to qualify for, and you do not usually need to provide much in the way of documentation. A streamline refinance can save you substantially each month, and you may even be able to roll your closing costs into the loan balance.

All of these benefits make it very clear: You probably should talk to your lender about a VA Streamline Refinance today.

According to VA guidelines: Loans are approved for borrowers that debt to income ratios below 41%. The underwriters are not looking at the housing ratio, like they do on conventional and FHA loans, rather the total debt versus liabilities for applicants. However, many loans are being approved without income documentation under the VA streamline program. The VA refinancing is also one of the only loan programs that consider residual income when qualifying borrowers.

What is the VA home loan limit for VA Streamline?

Even though, technically there is no written maximum loan limits for VA mortgage loans, most VA lenders set the limit to match Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s conforming limits which range from $417,000 to $729,750 depending upon the state and county your home is located in.

VA Streamline
VA home loans give veterans an edge for homeownership with 100% financing opportunities.
  • VA Refinance to 100% Loan to Value
  • Guaranteed Loans for Veterans with VA Lending
  • Streamline Refinance for Fixed Rates
  • 30 Year Fixed Streamline Loans
  • Bad Credit Allowed with Good Mortgage History (See lender for requirements)
  • No Cost VA Refinancing (See lenders for details as some VA loans permit lender paid closing costs, however the streamline does not permit it.)

What VA home loan benefits are available for retired military veterans? Veterans can finance a home with zero down and they have no mortgage insurance required.

Rate Disclosures: The 30-Year Rates on VA Streamlines are fixed. The payment quoted was for a $200,000 loan at 3.25% and 100% loan-to-value (LTV) is $870.42 with 0.45 Points due at closing. The APR for this example is 3.36%. Rate quoted 9/29/12 with credit score requirement of 680 for that specific interest rate from participating lender.



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Speak with a loan officer live about new VA streamline guidelines.

Refinance Your VA Mortgage Now - With fixed rates falling to 3.25% and no equity is needed on 100% refinancing.

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