Self Employed Home Mortgage Loans

Refinance Options with No Documentation or a Stated Income Loan

Self-employed borrowers continue to seek no documentation home mortgage loans for stated income refinance options. These borrowers need simple and easy limited documentation loans.

  • Stated Income Non-Conforming Loans
  • No Income No Asset Home Refinancing
  • Reduced Doc Mortgage Refinance Loans
  • Stated Income/ Verified Assets Refinance
  • Limited Documentation Jumbo Loans

Self Employed Borrowers enjoy
No Doc Cash Out Loans
The number of start-up business operators, independent contractors and self-employed consumers continues to grow rapidly in this ever evolving global economy. Therefore, the demand for reduced documentation that allow self-employed borrowers to state their income has increased significantly. Millions of borrowers need self-employed home loans to finance 2nd properties, refinance mortgages or get access to cash out for debt consolidation. We can help you find loan companies, banks and lenders that offer self-employed mortgage programs for home buying or refinancing.

Refinance into a Reduced Rate Home Loan and Get Cash Out for Your Business!

These reduced documentation mortgages have become more difficult to qualify for because of the recent increase in home loan defaults from self-employed homeowners. BD Nationwide continues to find lenders that provide alternative home loans that help self-employed borrowers secure the financing they need without making them jump through hoops that traditional lenders require for non-salaried income borrowers.


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Mortgage Refinance News

Mortgage Refinance News

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No Income Mortgage Refinance
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