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Leave your first loan alone and borrow more money with the best 2nd mortgage loan offering cash out, credit line refinancing or debt consolidation. BD Nationwide offers a clear path to premium fixed rate second mortgage loans, refinancing and equity credit lines for cash out and payment reduction with home mortgage refinancing above the value of your house. If you are seeking cost effective second mortgage loans from a trusted online leader, then you have found the right website. Find lenders that ensure competitive rate mortgage loans and second mortgages for homeowners with all types of credit. We offer a comprehensive variety of 2nd loans to maximize your home's equity. If you are considering taking out a new home equity loan for cash out, but don't want to refinance your low rate first mortgage, then you have come to the right website.

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Lock into the Best Second Mortgage Loan Available Online

While no one company can ever guarantee the lowest interest on real estate loans, most lenders from the BD Nationwide site do commit to competitive 2nd mortgage rates online. These companies remain centered on providing consumers extensive options for second mortgage loans at reduced interest rates. Now more than ever, we offer the biggest variety for equity loan products online. Get approved for a second loan that you can use to fund home improvements or to consolidate adjustable rate debt. If your credit is good, no equity is required to qualify! Apply for a Second Mortgage Loan and Learn How to Leverage Your Home's Appraised Value.

  • Cash Out for Second Home Loans
  • Stated Income 2nd Mortgages to 100%
  • Bad Credit Home Equity Loans
  • Interest Only Payment Choices
  • 2nd Mortgage Behind Negative Amortization
  • Fixed Rate No Equity Loans
  • Reduced Rate Bill Consolidation
  • Tax Deductible Mortgage Interest
  • Refinance your Adjustable Rates
  • Sub-Prime Second Mortgages
  • Convert HELOC to Fixed Rate
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty Options
  • Finance Home Improvements
  • Combine 1st and 2nd Mortgages

Do you need cash but do not want to refinance your 1st mortgage?

Find out how much you can get cash without be required to refinance your existing first mortgage. Nationwide is considered by thousands of homeowners to be the "Second Mortgage Authority" because for the last ten years they have leading the home equity loan origination online. Find out why their clients keep coming back to them for second mortgage loans. Their financing team will help you save each year by refinancing your revolving debt into a new second mortgage loan with increased tax advantages and reduced monthly payments.

Looking for Cash Out Loans with Fixed Rates?

Many homeowners take advantage of 2nd mortgage loans when looking for help to raise capital for the down payment of a vacation home or rental property. We can connect you to lenders that specialize in second mortgage loans for cash out to purchase another property.

Take advantage of record low interest rates that can ensure the affordability of a real estate investment. 2nd home sales have been soaring in states like California, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Texas and Florida.

Shop Second home loans for low mortgage rates.
Also see subprime 2nd loan options from Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

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Your home equity line has an adjustable rate that keeps going up. Or, if you've maxed out your Line of Credit. Fixed Rate Second Mortgage
If you are a 1st time home buyer and considering buying a home Home Loans with No Money Down
Looking to remodel your home, add a pool or replace the roof, etc. Look at your financing options. 2nd Loans for Home Improvement Financing
If Your Credit card payments are increasing. Consolidating debt without refinancing your home may be a good idea. Debt Consolidation and Mortgages
Refinancing your existing 1st mortgage may offer you many possibilities for a better rate or getting cash. Mortgage Refinance Options
If you have had problems in the past with your credit, it couldn't be a better time to re-examine your options with home equity, and you can re-establish your credit at the same time. Bad Credit Second Mortgage
If you want to have access to cash, but you don't want to pay interest until you use it. Home Equity Line of Credit
Home improvement projects, debt consolidation and investments are few common reasons for cashing out home equity. Home Equity Loans for Bad Credit Scores
Lowering your payments and Improving your credit score. Bad Credit Refinance Mortgage

New Second Mortgage Loan Updates

Get updated rate changes for home equity loans online. Review the details for updated second mortgages with various loan programs for all types of borrowers.

Second Mortgage Products - Fixed, adjustable and interest only 2nd mortgages and credit lines Refinance Programs - Compare and contrast between various home equity loans.
Popular Second Mortgages - Find out what home equity loans are hot. Simple Interest Second Mortgages - Fixed interest rates are better for debt consolidation.

Find Out if Consolidating Debt Would Lower Your Monthly
Payments from a 2nd Mortgage Loan with a Fixed Rate
Loan Amount
Current Payments
Home Equity Payment*
Monthly Payment Savings
* This is a sample of refinanced credit debt to and assumes interest rate for the second mortgage at 9.5%.
Apply Now and find out how much you can save!

Home Equity Lines of Credit vs. the Fixed Second Mortgages

Did you know that fixed rate 2nd mortgage loans offer a fixed amount, with a fixed payment for a fixed term? Payment schedules range from 10 to 30 years. If you know how much you need, and you believe it will be many years before you can repay the loan, then look at the second mortgage with the fixed rate. Usually when you are consolidating long-term debt, the fixed rate loan makes more sense financially.

The content from this page was inspired from the brochure "When Your Home Is on the Line." which is published by the Federal Reserve Board.

These brochures are available for Free!. To order the a free handbook, please visit

For more information, please go to

Smart Tax Tips for Second Home Owners

Tax deductibility can be difficult to comprehend for owners of second homes and investment properties.

And with 6.8 million vacation homes in the United States - on top of the more than 37 million investment units - it's safe to say that there are plenty of owners looking for some smart tax advice.

Janet Novack offers 4 tips that will help owners avoid paying too much money to Uncle Sam. For more detailed information, consult a tax expert.

Pay cash. You can duck the rules on passive losses by paying cash for the property.

Research mortgages. Don't take out a mortgage out on a paid-up house and use the cash to buy a second home. The IRS doesn't always allow these payments to be deduced as personal mortgage interest.

Be an active landlord. Living in a different state and hiring someone to pick out tenants will cause the IRS to take a closer look. If you want to take deductions, you must actively participate in the management.

Use your home. According to the IRS, If you stay in the house for 15 days or more, not including days you're really working on the properties, and for more than 10 percent of the total days it's in use, it becomes a mixed-use property instead of a pure investment property. You should be able to claim itemized deductions for a large portion of the mortgage interest & taxes.

Additional Community Resources

The Federal Trade Commission has tips on credit cards and understanding the rates & terms. For more information, please visit

Maryland residents can seek counseling for Home Improvement, Rehabilitation & Homebuyer Education Programs For more information, please visit Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services at

Florida residents can get free assistance with Home Equity Conversion, Fair Housing, Loss Mitigation & Relocation Counseling For more information, please visit Family Housing Advisory Services at:

Free counseling for Finance Education Programs, Outreach Initiatives & Default Resolution For more information, please visit Virginia Housing Development Authority at:

Assistance for Massachusetts ' residents needing advice with Debt Management, Homebuyer Programs, & Services for Homeless. For more information, please visit Citizens' Housing and Planning Association At:

Utilize Outreach Initiatives & Counseling for 1st time Homebuyers For more information, please visit Washington homeownership center at:

Checklist for 2nd Mortgage Loan Programs

Frequently Requested Documentation for a
Second Mortgage - Full Doc

1 month of Pay Stubs from your employer for each applicant

W2's or 1099's from all your employers for the Past 2 Years

Copy of Driver's License & Social Security card

Mortgage Coupon or copy of Monthly Mortgage Statement

Mortgage Note on your current 1st mortgage

Deed of Trust  

Declaration page of Home Owner's Insurance Policy

HUD-1 Settlement Statement (if you refinanced a mortgage in the last 12 months)

Frequently Requested Documentation for a
Second Mortgage - Stated Income

Copy of Driver's License & Social Security card

Mortgage Coupon or copy of Monthly Mortgage Statement

Mortgage Note on your current 1st mortgage

Deed of Trust

Declaration page of Home Owner's Insurance Policy

HUD-1 Settlement Statement (if you refinanced a mortgage in the last 12 months)

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Equity Credit Line Fed Tips
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