Pool Financing with Second Mortgages

Learn How to Get Swimming Pool Financing with a Second Mortgage

As a premiere second mortgage specialist, BD Nationwide spends a lot of time helping homeowners finance home improvement projects with affordable payments from reputable finance sources.

One of the most popular home improvement use of funds in the spring and summer seasons is adding a new swimming pool. Shop from a wide range of 2nd loan programs for you to choose from when considering swimming pool construction.

Depending upon your needs, you should consider both options for both open-end lines of credit and closed-end second mortgages.

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Finance a New Pool with an Affordable Home Improvement Loan!

There are several types of home improvement loans to choose from: Select from interest only, or principal and interest with lump-sum cash out equity loans. 1oo% HELOCs and equity loans are available with no equity needed for qualifying borrowers who meet the credit guidelines.

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Diverging from traditional mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions, our focus lies exclusively in the realm of home renovation and swimming pool financing. This specialization empowers us to deliver tailored, hassle-free solutions that align with your unique requirements. Adapting to the economic circumstances of our clients allows us to offer the most competitive and flexible options, leading to significant differences in terms of fees, loan terms, pre-payment penalties, and the maximum loan amount for which you qualify.

Boasting the lowest home equity rates, extended terms of up to 30 years, BD Nationwide seamlessly connects consumers with exceptional spa and pool financing with outstanding service from top lenders. Our commitment is to provide the financing you need for creating lasting memories, easily and affordably.

You have many payment options with terms ranging from 15-30 years. BD Nationwide will help you shop lenders for the best offer to finance pool construction without requiring you to refinance current home mortgage. The swimming pool cost construction ranges from $20,000 to $200,000 depending on the scope of the job and the cost of pool construction in your region.

The overall expense of constructing your pool hinges on several factors, with geographical location being a significant determinant. Variables such as size, shape, materials used, and additional features like fencing or landscaping will also play a role in influencing the total cost.

Unsurprisingly, more luxurious pools tend to be pricier. If you aspire to have an expansive, high-end pool with waterfalls or spillover features, many unsecured loans might fall short of covering the entire expenditure. The secured home improvement loan amounts will range from $20,000 to $50,0000.

Contractors can furnish you with an estimated cost for your pool, but the final price may be subject to fluctuations based on labor and material expenses. Whether you are eyeing a budget-friendly above-ground pool or a customized in-ground pool with various enhancements, it’s advisable to seek quotes from licensed contractors before applying for a home equity loan or cash out refinance.

Our second mortgage loan programs offer you a competitive interest rate for the life of the loan. No mortgage insurance is required with any of our 2nd mortgage products. You can finance the closing costs, so that you do not have to come out of pocket at all.

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