Second Mortgage Loans to Pay off Tax Liens

There are a lot of consumers still searching for tax debt solutions with second mortgages and home refinancing programs in 2024. BD Nationwide has been introducing homeowners to banks, brokers and lenders offers fixed rate first and second mortgage loans to pay off collections, tax liens, and past-due debt.

Pay off Tax Liens with Second Mortgage Loans

Are you trying to get rid of a tax lien with a mortgage refinance? As some homeowners have found out the hard way, it is very difficult to conduct any home financing transactions if you have a tax lien against your property. The IRS has the authority to be put in 1st position on the title to your property until the past due taxes are paid in full. This means that if you want cash for home improvements or purchasing, you must first pay off any tax liens.

See If You Qualify to Take out a 2nd mortgage and Get All Your Tax Liens Removed from Title

•Consolidate Tax Debt

•OK for paying off Tax Liens

•Loan behind Interest Only

•Debt Consolidation and Tax Relief

•Consolidate all of your debts into one low monthly payment

•No PMI & No Mortgage Insurance

•First Time Homeowners OK

How to Pay Off Personal Tax Liens with 2nd Mortgages

If you’ve been neglecting notices from the state tax board or the IRS, and you discover an unexpected entry on your credit report – a tax lien – it can severely impact your credit score. Lenders are reluctant to engage with individuals carrying a lien, and even after paying it off, the repercussions on your credit score can persist for years. The prudent approach is to settle your taxes before they escalate into a lien. If, however, a lien has been imposed, swift repayment is advisable, particularly for homeowners.

For homeowners with equity in their homes who can manage the payments, taking out a second mortgage might be a viable solution. According to an Experian Consumer Direct study, individuals with mortgages exhibit average credit scores 55 points higher than those without. Those with second mortgages fare even better, boasting scores 81 points higher. Clearing your taxes before they transform into liens can not only safeguard your credit but also enhance it.

In certain cases, a cash-out loan can liquidate collections and tax liens, preventing them from accruing interest and eradicating late fees. Additionally, a second mortgage can assist in retaining your home by settling your tax liens. Failure to address liens could jeopardize your home, lead to the seizure of bank accounts, and result in paycheck garnishment, depending on the lienholder. Obtaining a HELOC or second mortgage before foreclosure becomes imminent is advisable.

If financial distress is looming, a second mortgage can alleviate stress, settle collections and judgments. If you’re contemplating selling your house to navigate financial challenges, bear in mind that the duration it spends on the market is uncertain. Mortgage Coach’s Dave Savage suggests a popular strategy – extracting equity before listing it for sale. Most lenders are hesitant to extend loans on a home actively on the market. Buying time can salvage your financial situation by consolidating debt and bringing your payments under control. Furthermore, there’s potential for a tax deduction on the interest paid on the second mortgage. Assess all your options diligently and collaborate with a reputable lender.

Second mortgages may still be available for individuals with credit scores ranging from 500 to 800, whether good or bad. Identify companies offering prime-rate second mortgage programs alongside non-conforming credit lines for those with past delinquencies, collections, or bankruptcies. This article was written by Rebecca K. O’Connor

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