Second Mortgage Loans to Pay off Tax Liens

BD Nationwide has been introducing homeowners with banks, brokers and lenders offers fixed rate mortgage loans to pay off collections, tax liens, and past-due debt. There are a lot of consumers out there searching for tax debt solutions with home refinancing programs in 2018.

Are you trying to get rid of a tax lien with a mortgage refinance? As some homeowners have found out the hard way, it is very difficult to conduct any home financing transactions if you have a tax lien against your property. The IRS has the authority to be put in 1st position on the title to your property until the past due taxes are paid in full. This means that if you want cash for home improvements or purchasing, you must first pay off any tax liens.

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Paying Off Personal Tax Liens with 2nd Mortgages
Rebecca K. O'Connor

If you've been ignoring those pesky letters from the state tax board or the IRS, you find a surprise in your credit report, a tax lien. Having a tax lien on your credit report can be deadly to your credit score. As long as you have a lien, lenders won't touch you until it's paid off. In fact, even if you pay it off it can affect you credit score for many years. Your best bet is to pay off those taxes before they become a lien. If there is a lien however, you should try to pay it off as soon as possible, especially if you own a house.

If you have a home with equity in it and can afford the payments, it may be a good idea to take out a second mortgage. An Experian Consumer Direct study shows that consumers with mortgages have average credit scores 55 points higher than those without. Those with second mortgages do even better, with scores 81 points higher. You may not only save your credit, but improve it.

In some instances, a cash out loan can pay off collections and tax liens, stopping them from compounding interest and eliminating late fees. Also, a second mortgage can help you keep your house by paying your tax liens. If there are liens you could lose your home, have your bank accounts seized and paychecks garnished depending on who holds the lien. You'll want to get the second mortgage before your house goes into foreclosure.

If you are about to be in financial trouble, a second mortgage can eliminate stress and pay collection and judgments. If you are thinking about selling your house to get out of trouble, remember that you have no idea how long it will be on the market. Dave Savage of Mortgage Coach notes "A very popular strategy is to extract equity before putting it out for sale. Most lenders would not loan money on a home that is on the market," Often, buying time can save your finances by consolidating your debt and getting your payments under control. It is also possible that you may get a tax deduction on the interest on the second mortgage. Be sure to look at all your options and work with a reputable lender.

There still may be second mortgages available for people with good and bad credit scores ranging from 500-800. Find companies that offer prime rate second mortgage programs as well as non-conforming credit lines for people with past overdue payments, collections or bankruptcies. BD Nationwide asks you to complete a simple online form that can easily be submitted in seconds. Relax at home comparing interest rates, mortgage terms, etc. BD Nationwide Mortgage is one of the few trusted websites that matches lending brokers with consumers looking for a mortgage loan to pay off a tax lien.

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