Second Mortgages with No Cash Required at Closing

There is nothing worse than going to a closing and having the notary ask you for a cashier’s check for thousands of dollar after you signed a hundred loan documents. One of the primary reasons for second mortgages is to obtain money.

Nationwide Mortgage Loans does not require any cash at closing for any 2nd mortgage loans and home equity credit lines.

As a premiere second mortgage specialist, Nationwide maintains the focus on helping first time homeowners consolidate credit card debt and finance home improvement projects.

2nd Mortgages with no cash out of pocket

We offer "nothing out of pocket" refinancing transactions that enable you to finance closing costs, as well as items like taxes and insurance premiums. We offer tax deductible second mortgages that allow you to put cash from your home’s equity to good use.

In 2007 and anticipated through 2009 more homeowners will pay consolidating high rate loans that have adjusting payments and revolving interest credit cards.

Utilize the Mortgage Experts at Nationwide

The home equity loan programs offer you several options for financing loan fees. You can roll the costs into the loan or even factor the fees into the interest rate in some cases. Nationwide Mortgage Loans does offer no point 2nd mortgage loans for borrowers who qualify. Take a minute and consider our competitive interest rates offered with our second mortgage products. No mortgage insurance is ever required with any of our home equity products.

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