Second Mortgage with Low Costs

Nationwide offers reduced cost 2nd mortgages with fixed and adjustable rate home equity loans and lines of credit for refinancing or debt consolidation. Often times second mortgage costs are more than 1st mortgage costs because the risk factor is greater for loans in second position. We offer low and no cost second mortgage loans for qualified borrowers.

In the past lenders have reported that second mortgages have had higher default ratios than home mortgage is in first position, so it is common for lenders like to charge more fees up front. Nationwide offers no point loans and no "out of pocket" fee second mortgages. Most borrowers prefer to roll the fees into the loan.

No Cost Second Mortgage
Save Money with Reduced Fee Second Mortgage Loans from Nationwide

Standard Second Mortgage Costs (common on "good Faith Estimate")

•  Appraisal
•  Title Insurance

•  Processing
•  Underwriting

•  Recording
•  Origination

•  Credit
•  Notary

Key Disclosures to Analyze & Understand the Costs of a Second Mortgage

  • Good Faith Estimate
  • Federal Truth in Lending Statement (Reg. Z)
  • Estimated HUD-1
  • Final HUD-1

Preferred Loan Type
Property Type
Property Value
Credit Rating

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