Second Mortgage for Financing a New Business

BD Nationwide will match you with brokers that offer second mortgage loans for financing a new business. We provide unique home equity financing with 2nd mortgages that were designed to offer cash injections for a new business. Too often new business owners are unable to raise capital with a business loan because their business has not been established long enough. The SBA loan process can be daunting and time consuming for someone who just started a new company, but an equity home loan might provide a clearer path to funding your new business.

Take Out a Second Mortgage to Finance Your New Business

BD Nationwide continues to be a friend to the self-employed and small business owners throughout the United States. We offer premiere home equity loans to borrowers seeking limited documentation and stated income loan programs. Consider the “NINA” no income – no assets loan option when your assets are not liquid or cannot be documented.

BD Nationwide is the perfect company to help you access fund quickly while maximizing and leveraging your home equity. Second mortgage loans offer capital with affordable terms and this is critical for new business cash flow

• Quick Cash Injections for your Business
• Fixed Rate Second Mortgage Loans
• Self-Employed Home Equity Lines of Credit
• Raise Capital with 2nd Mortgages
• Consolidate Outstanding Debts

Minimum 2nd Mortgage loan/line Amount: $20,000
Maximum Second Mortgage loan Amount: $1,000,000