30 Year Fixed Rate Second Mortgage

Our 2nd mortgage lenders offer fixed rate mortgage loans for 30-years to qualified homeowners seeking lower payments from 360 month terms. It is wise to consider mortgage rate type, amortization schedule, expenses, payment affordability and of course benefits when comparing options between the various second mortgages. With 2nd mortgage rates dipping to twenty-year lows, now is the time to capitalize with tax deductible loan for house repairs or bill consolidation.

The use of the money borrowed is an important detail that may help you determine whether or not you choose a variable rate credit line or a fixed rate 2nd mortgage loan. Find lenders that offer competitive pricing on all of our 30-year second mortgage loans. Get help determining your eligibility on current thirty-year mortgage rates for 1st and 2nd liens.

Fixed Second Mortgage Loan Terms

  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Second Mortgage (prime credit up to 100%)
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Second Mortgage w/ 15 year Balloon (subprime & prime credit -95%)
  • 10 Year Interest Only Draw / 20 year Re-payment
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate Second Mortgage w/ 5 year Interest Only (prime credit to 100%)
The second mortgage terms have many different amortization options ranging from 10 to 30 years. There are also fixed rate terms, adjustable rate terms, interest only options that are common with home equity lines of credit and hybrid equity loans. Compare fixed interest and adjustable rate home equity side by side so you can make sound financial commitments.

10 Reasons to take out a Second Mortgage! with BD Nationwide
  1. Variety- Over 100 Home Equity Programs
  2. Competitive 2nd Mortgage Rates
  3. No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)
  4. Interest Only Payments are available
  5. No Annual Fee with Home Equity Lines
  6. No Equity 2nd Mortgage Loans to 125%
  7. Affordable- No Cash Required at Closing
  8. Convenient- No Appraisal Options
  9. Secure – Simple Interest is Better than Revolving Interest that Compounds
  10. Consolidate charge cards and loans that have high variable interest rates
Fixed Second Mortgage

2nd mortgage credit terms for loans, rates and programs offered may not be available to residents in certain states. State restrictions may apply. 30 year term is not available for high LTV loan programs. (25 year is the maximum term for the High LTV program) For updated licensing info please mail request to BD Nationwide Mortgage. All home equity loan products are subject to lender and underwriting approval. Unfortunately, not all loan applicants will be approved.


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