Consider a Concurrent Refinance with a 2nd Mortgage to 125% LTV

What Is a Concurrent Refinance?

When you close a first and second mortgage at the same time and refinance into one new mortgage lien.

Refinance with No Equity before time runs out on your Adjustable Rate Loan.

One of the hottest products in the mortgage refinance market is the concurrent 1st refinance loan that closes simultaneously with a 125% second mortgage. These 1st and 2nd loan combinations are also referred to as “piggy-back loans”. Most banks and lenders are not approving refinancing to 125%. Most lending sources will only close on combo loans up to a 100% mortgage.
These combination home loans allow borrowers to refinance their adjustable rate mortgages and then tackle their revolving credit card debt with a 125% loan that is needed because the debt balances exceeding the value of the home. Why not eliminate your credit card debt at the same time you refinance your first mortgage loan.
This is a great way to refinance variable interest rates, credit debt, and credit lines into streamlined mortgages. Senior Loan officer, Claudio Pereida refers to the concurrent 125% loans as the “high LTV Savior Loans,” because they are constantly getting borrowers out of stressful predicaments in financing.
BD Nationwide will introduce you to mortgage companies that offer primate rate refinance loans from 80-100% and second mortgages that will close concurrently up to 125% of the property’s appraised value. We are noticing that home equity loan rates remain the lowest on the market and our equity loan programs are flexible. We recommend that you consider these loans when you are unhappy with your 1st mortgage and you have too much debt to roll it all into 100% mortgage refinancing.

125% Combination Mortgage Refinancing

Lock into a fixed rate with 125% Refinance Loan
•Fixed Rate High LTV Loan Refinancing
•2nd Mortgages to 125%
•Refinance Jumbo Mortgages
•Credit Card Combining
•Refinance 1st & 2nd Mortgages
•Consolidate all of bills into
one fixed rate mortgage payment.
•No PMI or Mortgage Insurance
•Full Documentation Required for 125%
•No Equity Required with Streamlines
•100% Home Refinancing

Learn more about 125 Mortgage Loan Combination

BD Nationwide offers an array of fixed rate mortgage refinance solutions. 125% mortgage refinancing is a very unique loan program that very few lenders in the country can offer.
In addition, our lending institution offers home equity credit lines; hard money second mortgages and FHA refinance loans that feature fixed interest rate terms.
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