Can I Get a Second Mortgage with No Income Verification?

Nationwide will help you meet lending companies that still offer NIV second mortgages with low rates for borrowers who would rather not document their income. NIV stands for “No Income Verification.” This is a very popular 2nd mortgage program for self-employed borrowers seeking cash out. Most lenders will require some equity on no income mortgages to mitigate the risks of default.

Can I get a 2nd mortgage without proof of income?

There are still a few no-doc mortgage loans available from non QM and private lenders. They are often referred to as a no-income verification mortgage does not require a an underwriter to verify how much you earn with pay stubs, W-2s, 1099 or 1040 tax returns. These types of loans are also sometimes called NINJA loans, which stands for no income, no job or assets.

Get a quick quote from our experienced loan officers, who specialize in stated income home equity loan transactions. If you are considering cashing in on the increased equity you have earned with the real estate appreciation, then it is well worth your time to speak with one of our home equity specialists.

By refinancing your current debt with a reduced documentation second mortgage you could save a significant amount of cash over time. No income mortgage programs can be complicated, so discuss your eligibility with your loan officer before making plans.

We have helped countless self-employed homeowners get cash out with a 2nd mortgage that requires “No Income Verification”.