Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinance Loans

Now you can lock into a record-low refinance loan that guarantees a fixed interest rate for 30-years. The other option is to cash in with a low interest 2nd mortgage that also ensures fixed rates, fixed payments and monthly savings. BD Nationwide offers premium interest rates for borrowers seeking to convert their adjustable rate mortgage or credit line into a fixed payment mortgage loan. Don't wait until your behind on your mortgage payments to refinance your ARM.

Get a quick quote from our experienced loan officers, who specialize in automated FHA refinance loans and second mortgages. If you are considering utilizing the equity in your home, we suggest taking a moment out to get a free assessment from the mortgage refinancing experts at BD Nationwide.

Compare First and Second Mortgage Refinancing with Low Rates

Refinance into a Fixed Rate 2nd Mortgage before rise and your monthly payment for your credit line goes through the roof!

In the last few years, the Federal Reserve has increased the interest rates and it affected most adjustable rate mortgages and home equity credit lines because it made the monthly payments increase because the variable interest rate was raised. As the financial tide shifted and the Fed began lowering key rates again, locking into a fixed rate mortgage loan should be a priority.

Most borrowers are reporting monthly savings from refinance loans between $400 and $500 a month. Refinancing now could end up saving you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. Don't miss locking into loan before the era of record low interest rates passes you by.

Refinancing your mortgage loans can lower your payments and offer an opportunity to get additional cash out for financing home improvements or consolidating high rate revolving debts.

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Refinancing your second mortgage can lower your payment and offer an opportunity to get additional cash out for financing home improvements or consolidating debts.

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FHA Mortgage Refinance Spotlight

FHA Home Mortgages offer low 30-year fixed interest rate terms for borrowers with good, fair and poor credit.
FHA loans that are offered up to 97% rate and term or 95% for refinancing terms with cash out. (credit scores are not a factor, but mortgage history is critical)

The FHA Secure loan was introduced in 2007 to help troubled borrowers get back on course. Millions of borrowers have had been suffering with adjusting mortgage rates and many of them are unable to afford their new variable rate payment. The FHA Secure give borrowers another chance to refinance into an affordable fixed rate loan.

Refinance with the Security of a
Government Insured Mortgage.


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