Second Mortgage Loan Update for 125%

The recent interest rate cut has finally helped 125% second mortgage loans for borrowers with good credit to refinance high rate credit cards. Nationwide has implemented several changes that can benefit applicants who were recently turned down for a 125% home equity loan online. These have become the most popular no equity loan solution for homeowners seeking cash out and for consumers who need to refinance and consolidate high interest debts. Many first time homebuyers like the 125 mortgages for financing new furniture and home renovation if they bought a "fixer upper".

Nationwide remains a leader for originating high LTV home equity loans or credit lines. Our second mortgage team has helped countless borrowers with no equity refinancing for many years. Our customers continue to come back to us for 1st mortgage refinancing, setting up HELOC's and even to finance a new home. Many frustrated homeowners have found peace of mind with our 125% second mortgage loans that include reduced rate incentives for borrowers refinancing their 1st mortgage at the same time.

Our reputation remains stellar because we always put the borrower first. Take advantage of our lending expertise and complete this short form below and a friendly loan officer will follow up with shortly.

Qualified borrowers can get cash out without requiring that you refinance your existing home loan.

  • Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

  • 125% Second Mortgages

  • 100% 1st and 125% 2nd Closed Together

  • Loans for Consolidating ARM's

  • Credit Card Consolidation

  • Cash for Home Improvements

Ask your mortgage broker about state specific guidelines and APR restrictions. 125% Mortgages rates can vary credit score, disposable income, depending upon state, loan amount and


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