Second Mortgage Limits in Maryland

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Second Mortgage Fee Restrictions in Maryland
By Maria Ny

The past five years has witnessed the institutionalization of sub-prime lending, with the locus of sub-prime loans shifting from small, independent lenders to large mortgage subsidiaries of banks (particularly national banks). Investment banks and their affiliates increasingly are not only underwriting sub-prime securitizations but originating loans in sub-prime loan pools as well.

Because sub-prime loans are generally more expensive than traditional prime loans, advocacy organizations nationwide are urging tighter restrictions on these types of loans. However, sub-prime loans are intended for borrowers who pose a greater risk to lenders, typically because of the lack of credit or previous credit problems. And, without the sub-prime segment, an increasing number of borrowers wouldn't be able to secure purchase loans or cash out on their home equity with a mortgage refinance or home equity loan (second mortgage).

Like California, the state of Maryland is imposing excessively strict predatory lending laws including the imposition of a max 7.99% annual percentage rate (APR) limit which is lower than that of other states. Maryland also has a finder's fee law that limits the fee a mortgage broker's finder's fee to 8% of the total loan amount brokered, and limits the fee on subsequent loans on the same property in a twenty-four month period to 8% of the amount by which the subsequent loan exceeds the initial loan.

Now, Maryland's Montgomery County is in the news for its new predatory lending law that has at least 50 national and local lenders making a mass exodus out of that county due to the law's vague language and exorbitant fines. Weighing the unknowns of the law, many financial companies have preferred to exit the market, meaning it could become increasingly difficult for consumers to find a lender for mortgage loans. Financial officials have said the law could make it difficult to find fixed-rate loans for many of the median-priced to more expensive homes in the county, since many of the lenders that bought such loans on the secondary market decided to stop doing business in the county. "The fixed rate conduit market has basically dried up because of this law," said Kathleen M. Murphy, president of the Maryland Bankers Association.

This new Montgomery County law is on hold until November, which is a welcome relief to lenders and mortgage brokers as well as consumers seeking purchase loans, mortgage refinancing and second mortgages.

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