Second Mortgage Information

Get the accurate second mortgage information with free advice and helpful tips for comparing home equity loans for multiple purposes. With almost 20 years of experience with 2nd mortgages, Nationwide Mortgage Loans provides a plethora of equity loan programs. We provide useful information for homeowner's options for both open-end lines of credit and closed-end second mortgages.

Select from interest only, or principal and interest with lump-sum cash out equity loans. 125% loans are available with no equity required for qualifying borrowers who meet the credit guidelines.

You can consolidate credit cards with a second mortgage with terms ranging from 15-30 years. Leave your current home mortgage alone and get approved for a subordinate second loan with a fixed or variable interest rate.

Choose a subordinate loan with a fixed or variable interest rate. Our second mortgage loan programs offer you a competitive interest rate for the life of the loan. No mortgage insurance is required with any of our 2nd mortgage products. You can finance the closing costs, so that you do not have to come out of pocket at all.

Get the latest 2nd mortgage info from the Experts at Nationwide Mortgage Loans

Nationwide is a premiere second mortgage broker who specializes in second mortgages for borrowers with good and bad credit. We offer free advice, helpful tips for comparing second mortgage loans for purposes of refinancing, debt consolidation and cash out. This website was developed, so homeowners could get more information for home purchasing, refinancing or taking out a second mortgage. Nationwide offers free insight and helpful tips so you can adequately compare second mortgages online. There is a lot that goes into qualifying for a second mortgage or debt consolidation loan.

First and foremost, credit. Fico scores deliver a score between 400 and 900 to lenders who are considering the credit worthiness of an individual seeking financing. Home equity is the second factor, because the more equity you can show the lender, the lower the risk the lender has in loaning you cash. The other crucial factor is income, and specifically, debt to income ratios. Debt to income ratio determines the percentage of income you have monthly versus your liabilities monthly.

If you have less than perfect credit, we will help you get a sub-prime home equity loans that was designed to help homeowners get the cash they need while getting their credit back on track. We offer second mortgage programs for people with past late payments, collections or bankruptcies. Nationwide offers a simple online form that is easy to complete in seconds. Relax at home comparing interest rates and home equity terms and conditions. Call 1-877-212-9478 to get more information from a professional loan officer.

Second Mortgage Information
Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans
HELOC- Revolving Line of Credit
125% Second Mortgage Loans
Cash Out for Home Improvements
Loans for Debt Consolidation
Credit Scores: 500-800 Fico
NO Mortgage Insurance Required
Mortgage Interest is Tax Deductible
1st time Homebuyer Programs

Preferred Loan Type
Property Type
Property Value
Credit Rating

2nd Loan Benefits

•  Fixed Payment Loans
•  Cash Back Available
•  Lower Payments
•  125% No Equity
•  Consolidate bills
•  Home Improvements
•  Competitive Low Rates
•  No PMI

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