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California MortgageDid you know that fixed mortgage rates have dropped below 4% on cash out loan refinancing? Amazingly, California mortgage rates fell to 3.5% and our lenders recommend locking into a fixed rate for a second mortgage or refinance now while the payments are affordable. It's no secret that the housing on the west coast cost more, so getting qualified for low mortgage rates in California make it more affordable. For a limited time, California second mortgage, FHA loan and mortgage refinancing specials are available for local consumers. A recent MBA article revealed that home loan application volumes have increased in California dramatically this year. The surge in refinancing is in part because of the enticing interest rate incentives that yield lower monthly payments, but the new federally backed refinance plan has driven interest as well. The Obama refi plan was merged with the HARP 2.0 in an effort to help underwater borrowers find a refinance solution no matter what their loan to value may be. Our California lenders also offer loan modifications, FHA refinancing, debt consolidation and credit card refinancing.

Home Refinancing Loans in California

If you have lost equity in your home because of the housing crisis consider the new Obama loan programs. This refinance loan allows borrowers to refinance FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans not greater than $417,000 up to 125% loan to value. Most economists are forecasting higher rates in 2011 and 2012, so lock into the best California mortgage, while the rates are so appealing and easily accessible.

Nationwide is considered by many online to be a premiere California mortgage lender who specializes in unique mortgage loan modifications for borrowers with bad credit that need help preventing a foreclosure. We offer mortgage restructuring for first and second mortgages, high LTV home equity loans, FHA mortgages and bill consolidation loans for homeowners. We are a refinance leader online and our new California mortgage programs can save you money.

Anyone with credit card debt now has the ability to reduce their monthly payments from $300 - $1,000 a month. Our loan experts strongly recommend considering our second mortgage loans that were created specifically to consolidate debt into a tax deductible simple interest loan.

Do you need a Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinance, with Cash Out for Debt Consolidation?
Cash out second mortgages, loan modification agreements and fixed rate mortgage refinance products have been the most popular home financing tools this year. As the lending guidelines for most banks continue to tighten, we have aligned ourselves with the lenders and mortgage companies that provide the most aggressive refinance loans for debt consolidation, home improvements, fixed rate refinancing and foreclosure prevention.

Homeowners from across the country have been cash out refinancing with second mortgages to get quick access to more cash while often converting their adjustable rate home equity line of credit into a fixed rate loan with a fixed monthly payment. If you utilize Nationwide for lending services you will get access to the best mortgage rates in California.

Nationwide recently released several new programs for mortgage refinancing, equity lines of credit, with home loan modifications to 125%. Our 2nd mortgage payment options include principal and interest or interest only. Our industry niche continues to focus on loan modifications and refinancing for 1st or 2nd second mortgage loans for borrowers with unique situations that have prevented them from qualifying previously with other lenders.

The Mortgage Bankers Association reports a significant increase in 2nd mortgage applications, as many consumers are refinancing credit lines and revolving debts into fixed rate loans.

Nationwide provides unique loan offers for California homeowners each month. At this time we continue to offer a free automated appraisal (AVM) with each qualified second mortgage application. Borrowers can select and lock a fixed or variable interest rate with loans for all types of credit. If you want to lower your monthly payments, then consider a second mortgage that enables you to consolidate credit card debt and refinance additional high rate consumer loans.

Low Mortgage Rates in California
California borrowers continue to finance new pools and other home improvements with second mortgages and credit lines.

Some borrowers have credit score issues, some have debt to income ratio concerns, some have income documentation issues and some first time homebuyers run into obstacles because of limited payment history. These are the types of borrowers we continue to find new loan programs for, because these types of homeowners are common throughout the country.

With the California housing market being unstable what kind of second mortgage is recommended?

If you plan on staying in California, then we recommend a fixed rate refinancing plan. Government mortgage loans have become very aggressive, so consider VA mortgages and FHA home loans because the rates are low and the guidelines are flexible. This will maximize the cash you can access while property values are still at record high levels. If the value drops then at least you have already financed your equity at low rate with fixed interest.

If you aren't sure whether or not you will remain in the state, then make sure you buy out the pre-payment penalty. This will give you the flexibility to sell your house or refinance as quick as you would like without being penalized financially.

Over the last year, 2nd mortgage loans have assisted thousands of homeowners in eliminating credit card debts, collections and loans that were past due.

The era of historically low interest rates could come to an end at any moment, so you should take advantage of them today! We think you will be interested in the incentives for California mortgage refinancing. A California Second Mortgage can provide you with financial security.

Consolidate Bills and Reduce Monthly Payments with a 2nd Mortgage Loan that features a Fixed Interest Rate with Tax Deductibility
Loan Amount
Current Payments
2nd Mortgage Payment*
Monthly Payment Savings
*This is a sample of refinanced credit debt and assumes interest rate for the 125% second mortgage Loan at 11.25%.
Apply Now and find out how much you can save!

Second Mortgage up to 100%: Fixed rates and fixed monthly payments. 100% loan includes additional options for lower monthly payments with fixed interest rates that offer additional tax savings. This fixed rate second mortgage allows customers to budget accordingly because the rate and payment are fixed for the entire life of the mortgage.
---    Second Mortgage Loans up to $500,000 
Click Here for a Fixed Rate Second Mortgage

Second Mortgage up to 125%: Fixed rate refinancing with fixed payments. The 125% option is a stand-alone 2nd lien is primarily used for bill consolidation, but additional options for cash out for home improvement and new furniture financing.
---    125% Second Mortgages Loans up to $150,000
Click Here for a Second Mortgage w/ No Equity Required

Second Mortgage Fee Restrictions for California Residents - CA News

Everywhere you go, advocacy groups are urging stricter laws on non-conforming 2nd mortgages and home equity loans. Sub-prime mortgages are likely to be more costly than "A -paper" loans, but they are intended for borrowers who pose a greater risk to lenders. In most cases they are considered non-conforming because of the lack of credit or past credit problems.

What is happening is that people in California are being rejected for 125% second mortgages and sub-prime home equity loans because the State of California thinks that they can't make financial decisions on their own. The demand for cash out refinancing has not wavered. And, some groups continue to feel the need for legislation further tightening the provisions of AB 489 which would make it even more difficult for California homeowners to use their home equity to secure loans. See complete article.

Lynda's Advice for getting a second mortgage in California

The State of California has some tough restrictions for "High Cost Loans." The golden state legislators have decided that people shouldn't be able to offer loans if the interest rate or APR reaches a certain level. Just to give a perspective, California restrictions are a (see lender) lower than 47 other states. So even if you are benefiting from saving hundreds of dollars a month from debt consolidation with a second mortgage, the state will restrict lenders from offering you this loan.

If the APR is too high to qualify with a fixed rate 2nd mortgage, ask your loan officer about qualifying for a home equity line of credit. Credit lines are exempt from "high cost" APR restrictions in California, so you may qualify for a heloc that accomplishes similar goals. Try and get a line of credit with no pre-payment penalty, because you will want to refinance it into a fixed rate loan when the APR is low enough to qualify for refinancing. In the meantime, it will not hurt to contact your congressmen and let them know what you think.

Are you ready to take advantage of the equity in your home to pay down high-interest debts, make home improvements, or secure a lower monthly payment? A California Second Mortgage may be the answer. Don't let the era of low interest rates pass you by! Nationwide Mortgage Loans is the internet's leading source for finding the right refinance package for your lending needs.

Get a quick, no-obligation quote from Nationwide Mortgage and get started on the path towards financial freedom! We can help you find the ideal California Second Mortgage loan package today!

Apply for a Second Mortgage California!

Tips From The Mortgage Underwriting Pros:
"Most underwriters are looking for debt to income ratios to be under 50%. Once you go over 50% either you don't qualify or you have to pay a premium on your rate. " FHA Streamline Refinancing is a useful program that reduces the amount of documentation. - Jeff Moran, California Mortgage Broker at Countrywide

Finance Scenario
Identify the right loan
for your situation

Loan Solution
Get more information and get a
Free quote with no obligation.

Your home equity line has an adjustable rate that keeps going up. Or, if you've maxed out your Line of Credit. Fixed Rate Second Mortgage
If you are a 1st time home buyer and considering buying a home No Money Down Home Purchase Loans
Looking to remodel your home, add a pool or replace the roof, etc. Look at your financing options. Home Improvement Financing
If your Credit card payments are increasing. Consolidating debt without refinancing your home may be a good idea. Debt Consolidation 2nd Mortgages
If you want the Lowest possible payment to free up your cash flow. Interest Only Mortgages w/ Low Monthly Payments
If you have had problems in the past with your credit, it couldn't be a better time to re-examine your options with home equity, and you can re-establish your credit at the same time. Bad Credit Second Mortgage
If you want to have access to cash, but you don't want to pay interest until you use it. Home Equity Line of Credit
Lowering your payments and Improving your credit score. Bad Credit Refinance Mortgage

California Unfair Competition Act ( 10/19/99 )

According to the Office of Thrift Supervision: "Federal law preempts the manner in which the California Unfair Competition Act ("California Laws") have been applied to impermissibly interfere with three aspects of a federal savings association's lending operations-advertising, the forced placement of hazard insurance, and the imposition of loan-related fees. Although the California Laws are the types of state laws that federal law generally does not preempt, these particular applications of the state laws are preempted because they have more than an incidental effect on lending, and are inconsistent with the objective of allowing a federal savings association to operate in accordance with a uniform federal scheme. The California Laws are not preempted in their entirety, but only to the extent they are used to (i) require a particular form of interest rate disclosure, (ii) limit loan fees, or (iii) limit the choice of hazard insurer or premium charged-three areas of lending that traditionally have been within the exclusive purview of federal law and regulations, and in which state law generally is preempted by federal law."

Is the Government Still Targeting Home Equity Loan Interest Tax Deduction

Apparently the federal Joint Tax Committee of the U.S. Congress is trying to eliminate interest deductions for home equity loans and equity credit lines. Kenneth Harney reported that our government is trying to raise over $22 $billion in tax revenue between now and 2009.

The Joint Tax Committee panel claims that the tax breaks favor homeowners in higher-end markets, like California, Virginia, and New York, over those in markets with flat or declining prices. Of course this is ridiculous because 2nd mortgages and cash out refinance loans have been fueling the economy for years.

The proposal also would limit tax-free earnings on properties that are rented out for less than 15 days per year to $2,000, raising about $100 million in tax revenue.

We suggest that you let your congress representative know that you do not support our government repealing one of the greatest tax deductions of our generation. Bottom line is that will hurt the economy because studies show that people will stop spending when tax deductions are withdrawn. A recent report indicated that when borrowers stop spending that property values tend to decline.

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Lock into a Fixed Rate while the rates are still Low! If you currently have an adjustable rate 2nd mortgage or a home equity line of credit, & you would like to fix the rate, now is the time to act. Nationwide is offering a Free Appraisals for converting your variable rate mortgage into a fixed rate second mortgage. No cost and no obligation.

For Free appraisal just complete this short form. Click Here

125% Second Mortgage
for 1st Time Home Buyers

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan
No Income Documentation

No Equity Required! You can get a second mortgage now that allows you to exceed your home's value. Make improvements, consolidate bills and loans, or just get some cash.

For a Free Quote, Click Here
For More Information about >> 125% loans

Fix the Rate while the rates are still Low! Convert your line of credit to a fixed rate home equity loan. No income documentation is required for most applicants. Less paperwork means less hassles & you get cash quicker.

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Also see financing options for FHA Streamline Refinance and Debt Settlement.

Special Home Buying Advantage Reaches Over 1,000 Teachers

In California, our dedicated teachers face a double dilemma: buying a home on a teacher's salary, in one of the world's most expensive housing markets. The Extra Credit Teacher Program (ECTP) has come to the rescue for borrowers in today's tough housing market, and has now reached a milestone with more than 1,000 teachers, administrators, classified employees, and other staff members who serve in California's high priority schools. Teachers have begun to take advantage of this loan special first-time home buying program, administered by the California Housing Finance Agency. Treasurer Phil Angelides launched the Extra Credit Teacher Program in September 2000 to give teachers and other eligible school employees an opportunity to buy their first home and to attract quality teachers to the schools that need them the most. The California Housing Finance Agency has financed over $232 million first mortgage loans through the program. And, now 1,030 borrowers have used the ECTP to purchase their first home. Amy Steck, a third grade teacher in the Long Beach Unified School District, has earned the honor of being ECTP borrower number 1,000. "As a new homeowner, I really feel connected to my community. My home is seven minutes away from my school and I can even walk to church."

Nationwide Testimonials from California Residents

"What a life-Saver! You helped me clear up some accumulated debt & get some cash for some business opportunities. Your hard work and effort helped me reach my goals. The line of credit funded fast & I didn't have to jump through hoops in the process. Once again, Thanks for your help! I will be sending my friends your way."
Mario Urutia - San Diego, CA

"Thanks to you and your team for their friendly advice and professional attitude. We were able to put our financial plan into action with a great loan. The 30 year interest only offered me the security of a fixed rate, but the interest only payment allows me to free up some cash flow when investment opportunities arise. Thanks again for everything!"
Brian Lanigan - Cardiff by the Sea, CA

San Luis Obispo Awarded $1 Million for Affordable Housing

The California Housing Finance Agency's (CalHFA), Housing Enabled by Local Partnerships (HELP) program has awarded the Housing Authority of the City of San Luis Obispo $1 million in funding for the development of an affordable rental housing project for persons with special needs. This represents one of eight projects, in total, awarded $11 million in low-interest loans to California cities, counties, housing authorities, redevelopment agencies, community development commissions, and other local housing departments to acquire, develop, rehabilitate, or preserve affordable rental or ownership housing.

The HELP program is financed and leveraged by pooling it with the other financial sources of affordable housing funds. The City's Housing Authority plans to utilize the funds by providing a low interest loan to a developer that will build a 16-unit rental housing complex for persons with mental disabilities. The units will be available for the special needs clients, whose annual household incomes are below $25,920

for complete details please visit

Take advantage of today's low rates, and consider a 2nd mortgage that allows you to keep your existing low rate 1st mortgage.  Our second mortgage loans will be a loan in addition to the mortgage you already have.

Real Estate Spotlight: Los Angeles, California
Housing affordability in Los Angeles County dropped in October.

According to the California Association of Realtors, only 12% of households could afford the county's median-priced existing home, then priced at $557,730, in October.

For more information, please visit

Nationwide Testimonial

State of California

"I need cash and you were able to get it for us quickly! You taught me how to use our equity and consolidating our debts really gave us a second chance. Thank you for all your efforts over the last month. My family is really excited about saving so much money, because now there is more to go around."

M. Rodriquez - Aliso Viejo, California

California's Highest Median Home Price in 2006/2007


New Port Beach, California


  Los Gatos, California
  Santa Barbara, California
  Modesto, California
$ 923,000
  San Clemente, California
$ 920,000
  Dana Point, California
$ 880,000
  Santa Monica, California
$ 879,000
  San Juan Capistrano, California
$ 879,000

For more information, please visit:


Home Mortgage Rate Update for California

In a forecast report, the California Association of Mortgage Brokers anticipates jumbo mortgage rates to hover 3 and 4% range in 2012 and 2013. Industry commentators expect conforming and FHA refinance loans to remain in the high 6% range, while second mortgage rates could spike to the 9 or 10% range because of the risk of declining property values across the country. Affordability will continue to be a critical issue for the state, even though prices are expected to stabilize. "It is alarming that the housing affordability crisis will continue, making it difficult for first-time buyers to qualify for adequate financing," said the association president, John Marcell. CAMB sources are predicting a significant 40-year home mortgage surge. Interest only mortgage loans are becoming very popular because "they offer lower monthly mortgage payments." According to a recent survey of association members, 60% agree that 30-year fixed-rate loans will become more economical for homebuyers in 2013 and 2014.

To learn more please visit

State Facts
California Homeownership rate 56.9%

Get a new home equity loan or refinance your existing second mortgage while the interest rates are still at record lows. Nationwide specializes in second mortgages in California for consolidating credit card debt and loans that have higher interest rates. So your monthly expenses are reduced significantly. This means you will have more money in your pockets rather than the credit card companies. These second mortgage loans were created so people with less than perfect credit, can pay off debts, make home improvements, & in some cases get extra cash.

Before it's too late Apply Now and lock into a secured lower rate 2nd mortgage & save money with a lower payment. Applying for a mortgage loan in California is simple and takes less than a minute online.

Take a moment and complete our secure form online, and a professional loan officer will contact you promptly with a Free Loan Quote. is no obligation when completing a loan application online. Please note that refinance, 2nd mortgage loan programs and California mortgage rates are subject to change at any time without notice.


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California Home Equity and Mortgage Rate Info by City

Home Loans in San Diego
According to DataQuick, San Diego County has seen the housing sector take off with two to five-million dollar homes become common along the coast.

Orange County Home Loans
O.C. Job growth helped keep property values high for years, but home sales from San Clemente to Newport seem to have leveled off. Home sales in Tustin, Santa Ana and Mission Viejo may have actually dipped.

Los Angeles Home Loans
LA home values reached highs in 2012 and have begun to slowly decline except in the beach cities like Palos Verdes, Manhattan and Hermosa Beach

Fresno Home Loans
Home values for Fresno and Coalinga have begun to plateau in 2007.

Riverside Home Loans
Corona and Riverside home prices are declining a bit in 2006.

San Luis Obispo Home Loans
Home values for coastal SLO cities like Cayucos, Morro Bay and Los Osos are beginning to decline in 2007. San Luis Obispo property values have dropped 2-5% in some areas of the county.

San Francisco Home Loans
Northern California home values have begun dropping in certain areas across the county.

Sacramento Home Loans
Property values in the Capitol and suburb cities like Chico have dropped slightly in 2007.

San Bernardino Home Loans
Home values have dropped in most of the county, except for some mountain properties in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead.

Santa Barbara Home Loans
Coastal properties in Santa Barbara show minor increases for home values in 2006.

Are your Home Equity Credit Line Interest Rates Rising? Lock into great second mortgage loan. Fixing the rate is a great hedge against inflation.

San Diego Home Interest Rates Home values are up in some areas of San Diego County, while certain areas in both North and South County are starting to report a decline in home sales. Lock into a fixed rate home mortgage before the interest rates rise.

Carlsbad Home Equity Rates
Beach cities like Carlsbad have not experienced too much of a home value reduction at this point, but if you have variable interest rates on your mortgage you do not want to risk waiting for any longer. Refinance your equity loans now and get a fixed interest rate.

Encinitas, Leucadia & Cardiff Home Mortgage Equity Rates
Home values have dropped through most of San Diego County, except for coastal areas West of the freeway, like Encinitas, Leucadia and Cardiff by the Sea.

Mission Viejo Home Equity Loans Home values for Mission Viejo have gone through the roof in the last ten years. If the home values begin to drop then you would be wise to get a Home Equity Line today because you will be protected.

>> Los Angeles Home Mortgage Rates Drop

South Orange County Mortgage Rates Coastal properties in Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente, show a slight decrease for property values in 2006. The time to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage for a fixed rate is now!

San Clemente Home Equity Rates The housing sector is reporting slow sales in the South Orange County. Get approved for a HELOC or 2nd mortgage now to protect against deflating property values.

La Jolla Home Equity Rates
Home values in La Jolla and Del Mar have been pretty steady, but have reduced sales prices from 4-7% in some of the pockets in UTC and condos in La Jolla.

Laguna Niguel Mortgage Rates
In 2007, coastal properties in Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel have dropped 5-10% across the region.

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