No Documentation Refinance

Refinance with No Documentation

We help qualified homeowners with stated income and no doc loans when refinancing with conventional and government programs. New products are enabling people to take advantage of low doc mortgages and stated income refinancing that is still available to select borrowers.

Low Doc Loan with Stated Income Mortgage Refinancing

Self-employed homeowners frequently like the reduced paperwork involved in no documentation loans. Faxing hundreds of pages of tax returns isn’t at the top of the list for business people seeking refinancing. We offer a variety of reduced documentation home loans.
Choose from refinance, 2nd mortgage, stated income home equity loans and purchase money online.

Get Help Refinancing with Stated Income and No Documentation Loan Options from Experienced Mortgage Lenders

The no doc and stated income mortgage loan offer a streamline process for many Americans. Limited and no doc loans place more of an underwriting emphasis on credit score rather than income documentation.
Many people who own their own business enjoy financing with the least amount of paperwork as possible.
Choose from stated income mortgage and bank statement loans for self-employed borrowers.

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Even though underwriting guidelines have changed since the market crashed a few years back, we still get a lot of requests for low doc loan and stated refinance programs.

BD Nationwide continues to be an industry leader for no income mortgage products, so we suggest discussing your needs with one of our friendly loan officers today.