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Nobody can accuse the U.S. government of not increasing affordability for housing as refi rates have been at record lows for several years now. The housing market continued to struggle, but the Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA and FHA have made great measures to keep home refinance rates at the lowest levels in 50-years.

The current refinance rates have motivated millions of homeowners to get a new mortgage with a lower monthly payment featuring a fixed interest rate. Our participating lenders provide excellent service and the best refinance rates for government and private money programs. Take advantage of our low interest rates and refinance today!

Freddie Mac Said that Refinance Rates Could Fall in 2024

With Refinance Rates falling to a generation low, the time for acting is now. Nobody knows exactly when interest rates will start rising, but most economists agree that we may never see mortgage rates this low for refinancing ever again.

  • Fixed Mortgage Rates for Thirty Years
  • Fixed Refinance Rates for Fifteen Years
  • Refinance with No Pre-Payment Penalty

Today’s refinance rates are available in the three to four percent range for borrowers with all types of credit. One of the obstacles many homeowners have struggles with is the deflated property values that have caused over 30% of American homeowners now have underwater mortgages. The FHA refinance has been the most popular loan for homeowners with less than perfect credit. FHA mortgage rates remain competitive in 2024.

In an effort to help these people who need no equity refinancing, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac introduced the Home Affordable Refinance Program for to qualified borrowers that have mortgages that are greater than their house’s value. Nationwide provides expert advice while guaranteeing the lowest refi rates online.

BD Nationwide recommends that when home refinance rates reach the point in which you are saving money that you lock the loan to protect yourself against the potential rate hikes in the future. Nationwide is a lending company that prides itself in providing innovative refinance solutions for homeowners with all types of credit. If you have the ability to get fixed refinance rates that reduce your monthly payments, we recommend that you seize the opportunity because it’s no secret that the Federal Reserve will be raising key interest rates in an effort to curb inflation.

At BD Nationwide, we continue to match consumers with lenders offering alternative refinance solutions for homeowners with credit and equity concerns. Compare rates for refinancing online and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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The mortgage industry contracted a few years ago as many banks and loan companies went out of business. After the finance sector consolidated, most banks tightened their refinance guidelines drastically and most homeowners no longer qualified for home refinancing.

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Mortgage Refinance Rates – Compare quotes and aggressive refinancing with Nationwide.
30-Year Refinance Rates – Lock your mortgage rate for thirty years.
15-Year Mortgage Rates – Pay off your home in half the time by refinancing with a 15-year loan
FHA Refinance Rates – The government insured loans present an opportunity for borrowers who have low credit scores or not much equity.
VA Refinance Rates – If you are in the military you will love the favorable refinancing terms that are only available to eligible VA homeowners.

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Please note that today’s refinance rates are subject to change without notice. It is very important to check with your loan officer for program eligibility and current refinance rates.