Stated Income Loans to Refinance a Mortgage with Non-Traditional Income Documentation

Most banks and lenders cut “stated income mortgage” programs, but we’ll point you to offers for no doc loan refinancing, bank-statement loans and no income loans to qualified applicants in the U.S. There are more requests today to get matched with stated income lenders because there are more self-employed and independent contracted borrowers than ever before. Therefore, the need for mortgage refinancing with reduced income documentation is also greater than ever.

BD Nationwide has a great reputation matching people with refinance specialists that offer stated income refinance loans, no doc mortgages and streamlined FHA loans with very little documentation required. Consider taking out a quick and easy no income verified loan or no-doc loans online and take advantage of our automated loan process for quicker closings.

Compare No Doc Mortgage & Stated Income Loan Programs Now

Stated Income Refinance Loans
SIVA Mortgage Refinance to 90%
NO Income Verification Refinance
Limited Doc FHA Streamline
Bank Statement Loan for Self-Employed and Independent Contractors
Stated Income Refinance Under the Streamline Program with VA and FHA
Reduced Documentation Refinance Programs
Low Interest Only No Doc Loans
Stated Income- Verified Assets Loans
Low Fixed Rates Guaranteed for Life
Finance Solar Energy Installation
No Income No Assets Refinance
Cash Out for Debt Consolidation

Choose from No Income Verified Loans and No Doc Refinancing Opportunities from Stated Income Lenders and Brokers

A fixed rate mortgage usually requires a higher payment than the teaser rate ARM loans, but after a few years you will have principal paid down on the mortgage and increased home equity as well. Interest rates are on the way up, so don’t wait too long to apply for a low rate mortgage refinance, because of income verification concerns.

Limited Doc Streamline – Check Stated Mortgage Requirements Today

Our experienced team of loan professionals can help self-employed and independent contractors find the best mortgage that meets your financing goals today, and you won’t have to worry about your payment rising. Learn about self-employed loans with fixed interest rates that are guaranteed with set monthly payments for the term of the mortgage.

What credit scores do I need for a “Stated Income Mortgage” in 2024?

“Stated Income” loans require less income documentation than traditional loans, so credit scores become the major compensating factor when no income verification is required. Stated income loans have become a commodity since the Dodd-Frank financial laws went into effect a few years ago.

Yes, the guidelines on reduced, limited and no-doc loans has changed but it is still possible to refinance with an alternative to traditional income documentations, such as: tax returns, W2’s, 1099s and pay stubs.

Note: The “stated income mortgage” relies on the borrower documenting a stellar credit history in lieu of documenting income, so this program is not to be confused with a no credit home loan. If you are not a good candidate for a reduced-doc program, talk to a loan officer about whether you have enough income that can be documented to qualify for a home loan with poor credit scores.

  • Get Access to Money for Home Remodeling with Limited Documentation
  • High LTV Refinancing with No Mortgage Insurance
  • Stated Refinancing with a Wide Range of Income Documentation Allowed