What Is a Rate and Term Refinance Mortgage?

If you want to save money with lower interest rates, BD Nationwide has many competitive mortgage refinance rate and term refinancing solutions. Rate and term mortgage refinance offers consumers better terms for first, FHA or second mortgage loans without cash out or debt consolidation. Nationwide offers many competitive mortgage rate refinance programs for people who just want to lower their payment with a rate & term refinance loan.

Compare Fixed Rate Refinancing Terms on Conventional, VA and FHA

The most popular mortgage refinance terms are the 15 and 30 Year fixed rate loan. Some other popular home refinancing terms are the fixed 10 and 20-year and the hybrid ARMs such as, 3/1, 5/1, 7/1 and 10/1. The Hybrid terms are loans that are fixed for a set period before the mortgage converts to a variable interest rate. Rate and term refinancing does not extend money beyond the payment of principal mortgage liens. If you want to maximize your monthly savings with today’s record low mortgage refinance rate, then discuss your goals with a Nationwide loan officer.

Refinance Program Highlights
. Discounted Rate with No Cash Out
. Lower your payments with reduced interest
. Interest Only Options
. 80-100% Fixed Refinance Rates
. Convertible lines of Credit
. Consolidate past due bills
. Eliminate high rate debts
. No Closing Cost Refinance
. 1st-time Homeowners OK
. Competitive Low Rates
. No Mortgage Insurance Options
. Compare 10, 15, 20 and 30-Year Terms

First mortgage rate and term refinance loans are offered up 100% loan to value with VA and 97% LTV when refinancing for lower interest rates with the Federal Housing Administration. Check out our mortgage rate and term refinance loans today even if you do not have any equity. We offer underwater refinancing 100 to 200% combined loan to value. The most popular rate and refinance mortgage today is fixed rate HARP loan. If you need cash out refinancing or a debt consolidation loan discuss your needs with a Nationwide loan officer.

Compare Fixed Rate Refinancing on Conventional and FHA

It is not too late for you to lower the payments by refinancing into a lower rate loan. Many homeowners are looking to refinance their existing home equity line of credit, because it has a variable rate. We recommend considering rate and term refinancing if you have the ability to reduce interest or shorten your term.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinancing

FHLR announces FHA refinancing with Nationwide equity loans
Rate and Term Refinancing to 96.5% combined loan to value with FHA.
Low 2nd Mortgage Rates for Refinancing
New Homeowners are approved to refinance less than a year in the house
No Pre-payment Penalty with All Fixed Rate and Refinance Loans
Streamline with Fixed Rate Refinancing Choices
Balloon Refinance – OK
Credit Rating: Poor, Fair Good or Excellent
Key Qualifiers: Property Value, Credit Score
Income Documentation: Full Doc or Stated Income