Updated Guidelines for a Mortgage Refinance Loan

Understanding the 2024 mortgage requirements and refinance guideline is imperative to shop loans efficiently online. Recently, there have been major changes in respect to FHA, VA and streamline guidelines. More income and home equity seems to be the trend with mortgage refinance guidelines in 2024. Refinance lenders offer several types mortgage loans for rate refinancing, cash out and debt consolidation.

Homeowners can select from FHA, VA, 30 year, 40 year, fixed, variable, interest only, ARM and equity home loans. Most refinance loans offer the choice of a fixed or adjustable rate term for refinancing. With new refinance programs, like the HARP 2.0, more and more homeowners have become eligible for home refinancing even if they have no equity. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac eased 2024 refinance guidelines as they underwriting has eliminated all loan to value restrictions.

Lenders Are Easing the Mortgage Guidelines for Refinancing in the U.S.

Today many borrowers are aimlessly searching for a refinance solution that will refinance their escalating adjustable rate mortgages into a fixed rate mortgage that meets the demands of their family budget. Refinancing your mortgage online can be daunting, so it is imperative that you work with a trusted mortgage lender, like BD Nationwide.

With lenders making the refinance guidelines more streamlined, you can expect more homeowners to qualify for home refinancing this year. BD Nationwide has positioned themselves to offer the most attractive refinance loans available online. You can expect lower rates and reduced lending costs on most of our loans for mortgage refinancing purposes this year.

Helpful Tips to Qualify for the Current Mortgage Refinance Guidelines

  1. Don’t get behind on your bills, especially your mortgage payment. Lenders rarely approve a borrower who is late on their home loan in the last 12 months.
  2. Keep your debt to income ratio low by not take out too much credit. Whenever you take out new loan or obligations it raises your debt to income ratio. Most conforming guidelines for mortgage refinancing are looking for borrowers to be under 38%. Some FHA and VA lenders will approve refinancing with debt ratios from 41 to 44%.
  3. Shop and compare loans from lenders that have experience with home refinancing in today’s marketplace.

The home affordable refinance guidelines have seen some exciting changes. The Federal Housing Finance Agency mandated that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac waive their “loan to Value” requirements on all loans eligible under the Home Affordable Refinance Program. HARP 2.0 could help millions finally qualify for refinancing.

FHA Streamline Refinance – The FHA eased their refinance guidelines a lot like Fannie and Freddie as now there is no appraisal required and no LTV factored into rate refinancing for current FHA borrowers.

Bad Credit Refinance – With millions of homeowners suffering from lower credit scores, the demand for bad credit refinancing has soared with the VA and FHA.

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Refinance – With fixed 30-year rates available at 3.25% it makes sense that homeowners would migrate towards the most secure and affordable loan of all-time. We provide home refinancing help that helps people save money.

BD Nationwide has implemented several refinance loan programs to assist borrowers with lowering their monthly payments to free up their cash flow.

Check out our updated guidelines for refinance loans that feature simple interest amortization with options for “no pre-payment penalties, “no lender fees, and of course “no points.”

Home loan refinancing is a critical financial decision that merits careful consideration. Choosing a fixed or adjustable rate has a long lasting impact, so select your refinance loans wisely.

Mortgage Refinance Loan Guidelines

Refinancing Terms
Amortization Schedules for mortgage loans
Maximum Mortgage Refinance LimitsLoan Amount- $3,000,000
Income Documentation Requirements:Full Documentation
Stated Income
Verified Employment
No Asset Verification
Loan PurposeCash Back
Loan Consolidation
Home Improvement
Rate and Term Refinance
Ownership TypePrimary Residence, Owner Occupied, 2nd Home, Investment
Home TypesSFR 1-4 unit, PUD, Condo unlimited stories
Appraisal. Statistical Appraisal
. 2055 Drive-by Appraisal
. Full URAR Appraisal
Credit ReportsLower of 2 credit bureaus and Middle of 3 bureaus
High Credit Score
Borrower EligibilityU.S. Citizen; Permanent Resident Alien;
First-Time Homebuyer; Non-Occupant
Co-Borrower; Non-Permanent Resident Alien.


Our commitment is to provide homeowners with “out of the box” refinance products that help home refinancing and consolidating to lower your monthly payments to maximize savings.